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14 Reasons to Choose Global Call Forwarding

14 reasons use global call forwarding

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Global Call Forwarding is a leading provider of telecommunications solutions for global businesses of all sizes.

Why should you choose us for your communication needs? Read on to learn more.

14 Reasons Global Call Forwarding is Right for Your Business

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when evaluating a business phone service. Here are 14 reasons why Global Call Forwarding is the best provider:

1. Proven Telecom Experience

United World Telecom (UWT) was founded in 1996. Global Call Forwarding was launched as a UWT brand in 2007.

We have more than 20 years of proven telecom experience and some of the most knowledgeable experts in this industry.

Our experience helps us provide solutions to companies’ biggest telecom challenges. More than 2,000 multinational organizations depend on our high-availability telecom network that has multiple layers of redundancy.

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2. Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is straightforward without any hidden fees. We strive to bring you best-in-class solutions and service at competitive rates. Our numbers come loaded with advanced features that are included with the service.

We have 5 virtual number plans with included minutes and an additional per-minute rate. All taxes and other fees are included in the monthly rates that you see.

We also provide itemized invoices and full call detail records. Everything on your invoice will be clearly detailed. We’re really easy to get in touch with if you have questions.

3. Crystal-Clear Call Quality

Crystal-clear voice is crucial for customer satisfaction.

We never compromise on call quality. Instead, our partnerships with local and regional telecom operators enable us to deliver enterprise-grade voice at competitive rates.

Global Call Forwarding will help you ensure that your business phone calls sound perfect.

4. 24/7 Support & Dedicated Account Management

Real people. Real service.

We’re a US-based company with a regional office in APAC.

You can call us any time you need help. The direct phone number of your account manager is provided to you upon account activation.

24-hour customer support is available through our trouble ticketing system. We also have a live chat on our website and a Knowledge Base for self-service.

5. Huge Inventory of Local & Toll-Free Numbers Worldwide

Global Call Forwarding has the world’s largest coverage of international toll-free and local phone numbers available from many of the 195 countries worldwide.

No matter where you need a phone number, we’ve got you covered.

6. Advanced Service Features

Close relationships with our customers over the years have helped us create solutions to some of the most common problems facing businesses today.

Our most popular call forwarding features include time-based routing, simultaneous ring, IVR (i.e. “press 1 for sales, press 2 for support”), virtual voicemail. We also offer premium services such as hosted call recording and outbound calling.

All virtual phone number features can be managed in real-time through an online portal.

7. Easy-to-Use

We provide an easy-to-use virtual phone solution that can help you enhance business communications. There’s no programming required to use our service, but an API is available if you want to integrate with your other business tools.

Manage all number settings easily online or by contacting your account manager.

8. Outstanding Customer Reviews

We put our customers first. Go read our Google reviews or Global Call Forwarding reviews on G2 and you’ll see that our customers love doing business with us.

We work hard every day to add value to our customers and provide an outstanding experience.

9. Cost-Effective Alternative to Legacy Telecom Carriers

Legacy telecom companies tend to have higher rates and lower response times. This is because they work with thousands of employees across various locations and departments, which leads to higher overhead and operational expenses. Unfortunately, customers bear the brunt of these expenses. Global Call Forwarding, on the other hand, provides high-quality service for lower, competitive rates. Our customers only pay for the service they need and nothing else. Our customers have saved on business communication costs by switching from a legacy carrier to our service.

10. Dependable & Diverse Team

Over the years, people from more than 20 different countries have worked here. This is especially important because we operate on a global scale. Everyone brings a unique skillset and personality to the team. A lot of the Global Call Forwarding team is also active on LinkedIn!

We have fluent English, Spanish, and French speakers and natives.

11. International Footprint

We have a strong international footprint with global infrastructure and points of presence worldwide. We’re running 24/7.

12. There’s No Commitment

New business customers can get a 15-day free trial to test the quality of our service.

After the free trial, your service is month-to-month.

13. Easy Scaling

It’s extremely easy to add and remove phone numbers from your account.

We aim to provide fast phone number provisioning, which is very important in today’s remote work environment.

14. Stay Connected from Anywhere

Our service makes it possible for anyone to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world. This can help you capitalize on outsourcing and global expansion opportunities for your business.

Try Global Call Forwarding Today!

If all the above reasons sound good to you, why not give us a try? You can start with a free trial to see how our service fits your needs. If you want to learn more, call us and talk to one of our experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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