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15 Persuasive Words and Phrases to Use for Business Calls

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Every writer, marketing specialist, and a salesperson will tell you: words are important. Most of the time, you are not consciously paying attention to what draws you to certain products over others. The correct use of words or keywords can bring you closer to the product you need. And specific words can also make random products attractive and suddenly necessary. So, how can you use this power of words to your advantage as a business? Here’s a list of 15 persuasive words and phrases that will transform your sales pitch and convert customer interaction into purchases.

Persuasive Words and Phrases: 15 Ways to Attract Customer Attention

It is necessary to pay attention to how you are interacting with your potential customers. And even more, to the words and key phrases used. Here are some persuasive words and phrases that can help roll the ball in your direction in business:

1. Free

Free is one of the most used and common persuasive words and phrases associated with marketing and sales. However, companies still use it because it works, and it works well. People love free stuff. And more importantly, they appreciate free trials, where they can test something before needing to purchase more. This word still turns heads and so it should definitely be included in your marketing strategy.

2. Easy!

Easy catches attention, big-time. We, almost always, have at least 50 different things to do. Whether it is at work or at home, we are constantly getting things done. And so, when taking a new product or service on, consumers will walk away from a process that seems time-consuming and difficult. And if your product falls in that category, you may want to consider ways to make it less daunting. Advertising your service as easy and convenient will make it more desirable for customers. Most product surveys come back with one standard complaint asking to make it “easy to use” and more “user-friendly.” And so, these phrases can boost your company’s image as a convenient solution to your target customers’ problems.

3. Limited Time, Limited Availability

Another one of the persuasive words and phrases that can make a huge difference is “limited.” Customers don’t want to miss out on stuff that they perceive they will use someday. And so items that are limited or available in small quantities are higher in demand. Think: limited edition comics or a limited number of signed author books. Or advertisements at a flea market that says: “First 150 people get a coupon booklet for discounts at stores inside.” This motivates users to act fast and act in your favor.

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4. Exclusive

Nothing entices faster than making something seem rare or unattainable to most. Make your customers or prospects feel special with “members only” or “invitations only” discounts. Offer special products or rewards “exclusive” to certain customers or customer groups and you will find that more want to join to receive those benefits.

5. Guaranteed

Customers are looking for products they can trust. Scammers and hackers have been targeting users world over. And so, authenticity is desired. Giving your customers reassurance with “guaranteed” and then living up to it will definitely impact sales and trust in your business, which is an excellent long-term sales tactic.

6. Best

Think about these titles: “How to Groom Your Dog at Home?” or “The Best Way to Groom Your Dog at Home.” Which article will you choose to read? Both serve the same function: to teach you how to groom your dog. But one has the advantage of being the “best way” versus just a regular way to do the task. Pay attention to the economy of words with business phrases that can make or break your sale. Consider this: “10 Practical Parenting Tips: Be The Best Mom You Can Be.” Here too, the target is mothers who want to be the best and so you can use the word to target specific groups as well.

7. Avoid

As a salesperson, you not only want prospects to consider your product or service but also to help them resolve an issue or achieve their goals. And sometimes this means protecting them from something that may slow them down. One of the most persuasive words and phrases is simply “avoid.” Think: “Avoid a high phone bill by purchasing virtual phone numbers.” Or, “Avoid forgetting and losing your passwords, use our password manager to keep track of all important login information.”

8. Fix

Similar to “avoid,” “fix” indicates a way to identify and resolve a problem. While “avoid” is protective and preventative, “fix” is action and solution-focused. And so, for someone going through a problem, your “We can fix that for you” sign will be a sight for sore eyes. Remember that customers are very loyal to companies that can help them fulfill their basic needs.

9. Because

Another factor to consider when working in sales: customers love to understand and learn. This could be regarding the backend, how and why a product works a certain way, or why they should choose your company over a competitor. And so, providing reasons can go a long way. “Choose us because we have a 98% success rate and guarantee that you will be satisfied.” Or, “Because your cat doesn’t know how expensive carpeting is, buy her a scratching post with imbued with organic catnip leaf that she can’t resist.”

10. You

Using the second person — you, yours, yourself — can really pull your client in. Writing in the second person makes your writing conversational as if you were talking directly to the reader. Consider: “Let us help you” versus “Let us help.”

11. We

Like “you,” using “we” again speaks to your clients on a personal. It shows that you are involved and invested in this as well. You and your customers are a team, together drifting through turbulent waters of commerce. And so, their problem is your problem. Additionally, words like “our” and “us” can also speak to the volume and mission of your company. They demonstrate that your business thrives on teamwork and it’s their collective mission to provide you with the best service possible.

12. Now

This word works similarly to “limited” in that it tells your customers that now is the time. Waiting is pointless and this may not exist tomorrow. Carpe diem, and all that. “Now” places emphasis on the present. It gives you the ability to acquire something or get to the bottom of a nagging problem almost immediately. And so, this word works as a good motivator.

13. I Don’t Know

Honesty: another business tactic that is highly appreciated. If you do not know the answer to a question, be honest and say you don’t know. But ensure that you follow up with the correct response. Customers prefer this over responses that are inaccurate or not confident.

14. Let’s Make A Change

You could use the word “change” with a customer that is not satisfied with your service. Change represents a different, new experience that may or may not be better. But it is something different, which is what most users are looking for when they are in the market for a product or service. You can use this to promote change: “Tired of dropped calls? Change your service provider and get 25% off your first four months with our service.”

15. Save

“Sign up today and save 25% on your first purchase” or “Save budgeting headaches by downloading our budget app.” These statements present an opportunity that is a clear win for customers. Anything that saves time, trouble, and money is a gift you give your customers, and they will show their appreciation for it.

Some Other Phrases To Try

Here are some other persuasive words and phrases to consider or experiment with on business calls:

  • Advantage
  • Amazing
  • Always
  • Change
  • Compare
  • First
  • Free download
  • Get started today
  • Imagine
  • Install now
  • While the offer lasts

Ensure you use the right phrases to attract customer attention and effectively market your product. Some of the instances will also mean changing your marketing tactics to make room for strategies that include keyword research and marketing. And before you know it, you will have clients interested in your products. And when you live up to the expectation, these customers will form a loyal fanbase, further promoting and recommending your services. Check out our post about business telephone etiquette so that you communicate effectively and professionally with your customers!

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