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The United States and Australia have an extended history of doing business with each other. Australia last ranked as the world’s 12th largest economy with a GDP of about $1.26 trillion USD for last year, which is one of the numerous reasons that it is a desirable destination for U.S. companies aiming to expand globally.

With a relatively low number of barriers to entry, a rather familiar corporate and legal structure, innovative consumer and industrial sectors, and a fairly easy-to-communicate-with English-speaking business culture, the nation of Australia is a very vibrant and significant pro-United States market for United States’ goods as well as services.

The Australia – U.S. Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) has proven to be instrumental in encouraging and facilitating U.S. Australian investment and trade from the time of its inception in the year 2005. The World Bank ranked Australia at number 15 out of 189 nations with regard to “ease of doing business” for 2016. Australia has also enjoyed several decades of continuous economic growth and this is projected to continue.

Australia is very welcoming to foreign investment as an essential contributor to the economic growth and productivity of the nation. The United States is Australia’s principal foreign investor – with investments valued at close to $860.3 billion U.S. dollars for 2015. Approximately 1,000 American companies currently operate in Australia across a broad array of sectors. United States’ direct investment in Australia is led by mining, finance, manufacturing, and insurance sectors.

Since its commencement on January 1, 2005, the AUSFTA has reduced limits put on investment, offered more substantial intellectual property protections, and encouraged a larger amount of two-way investment. As a direct result of the AUSFTA, more than 99 percent of United States exports currently enter into Australia duty-free.

Australia has a well-established legal system in place for managing any litigation and arbitration situations. The nation also leads globally in the creation and delivery of tools and steps needed for dispute resolution. Australia also has an extremely well-established financial market, a significantly sized services sector, and is a global leader where it pertains to mineral and LNG extraction, as well as in food production. The wealth of diverse resources in Australia makes it tremendously appealing for foreign investors.

Businesses aiming to establish a global presence as part of their plan to expand the distribution of their products and/or services & offerings have to conduct extensive research as it relates to the economy of a target nation, legal requirements pertaining to business operations, business guidelines, any cultural differences, and marketing. A simple way to begin marketing is to publish an announcement to the company website detailing the plans of the company for expansion to the new country and also offering a local or toll free phone number for those within the target nation who wish to call the company and get more information.

Getting an Australian Phone Number

You may be wondering how to get a phone number in Australia. If that’s the case, Global Call Forwarding provides and sets up Australian phone numbers for all types of companies, regardless of size, scope or sector. The process Global Call Forwarding uses in setting up Australian phone numbers is fast and simple.

To launch a new business in Australia, or to further expand an existing business in Australia with the aim to focus on the many advantages offered by this new market, a business will require a reliable method of communication to stay in touch with their new customer/client base. In this case, an Australia phone number makes the most sense in order to remain available.

An Australia phone number makes it simple for a business entering into the Australian market to list a contact number on their website for those who are located in Australia to easily contact the business. A customer or any other type of business contact can then place a call using one or more Australian phone numbers set up by Global Call Forwarding and the calls will be automatically redirected to the business’ phone number of choice anywhere across the globe.

Calls made using Australia phone numbers can be transferred to a landline or a mobile phone number of the business owner’s choosing, which is an extremely useful feature for a business owner that is looking to establish the brand in Australia even prior to physically setting foot in the country. As you can see, it is well worth it to know how to get an Australia virtual phone number.

Here are the simple steps to follow to get an Australian number:

  • Go to the Global Call Forwarding website
  • Select Australia and enter your destination number
  • Pick a plan and select any other options that are relevant
  • Enter your name and email address
  • In the cart, turn on / off any free trial for some services and read the conditions
  • In CHECKOUT, select the payment method
  • You will be taken to a confirmation page

For any business owner aiming to operate and compete in the Australian market, it is highly valuable to know how to get an Australia phone number. Doing so can greatly assist in establishing a strong professional presence that is very much needed from launch through the life of the business in order to achieve lasting success.

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