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About: Corinna Underwood


Bio: Corinna Underwood is a British author, uprooted and transplanted to the U.S. She has published hundreds of non-fiction features, articles and short fiction pieces. She is also the author of non-fiction books Haunted History of Atlanta and North Georgia, Murder and Mystery in Atlanta, and The Darkside Chronicles: a collection of mysteries with a paranormal twist. When she’s not writing you’ll find her sowing seeds of imagination in dark and mysterious places.

Posts by Corinna Underwood:

How to Tweet-up Your Business

What do you mean you don’t have time to Tweet? If you are a savvy business owner, you should already have a Twitter account and know how to use it for marketing and networking your company. Here are just a few reasons why you need to Tweet-up your business: Connect with your customers: Sending a [Continue Reading]

Understanding a Bionic Business

At the end of the 19th century, during the onset of the Industrial Revolution, people were just beginning to understand the complexity of financial capital and how it grows. Business leaders gradually began to realize that when managed properly, capital can accelerate a company’s growth and give them a competitive edge. As the 20th-century dawns, [Continue Reading]

How To Keep Your Customers Close

In these days of rapidly changing, competitive business markets, customer retention is crucial to business success. The way you treat your customers, could, in fact, be one the of the key factors which differentiate you from your competitors. Here is a rundown on some of the best strategies for keeping your customers close no matter [Continue Reading]

The Skills Every Recent College Grad Needs for Landing a Job

You’ve just graduated, and you’re gung-ho about getting your first foot on the career ladder. You have a degree under your belt, and you’re bursting with enthusiasm; but are you aware of the skills recent college grads need for landing a job? And do you have them? Here is a look at the skills employees [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Setting Goals, Both Personal and Professional

People who don’t set goals tend to get tangled up in minutia and begin to devote time to activities which do not help with long-term growth. Everyone has desires. Whether yours is getting a promotion, returning to school, writing a novel, or getting in better shape, it will never come to fruition if you don’t [Continue Reading]

How to Take a Break from Business

If you’re like 99 percent of business owners, you probably never turn off from running the company. You may feel like going on vacation is a waste of your time, you may take breaks but then end up working through them, or you may feel too guilty about leaving the company to take any time [Continue Reading]

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

The term emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ), was coined in 1990 by Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer. It refers to a type of social intelligence involving your ability to discriminate between your own and others’ emotions and to use those feelings to guide your thoughts and actions. How Does Emotional Intelligence [Continue Reading]

Tips to Improve Your Conversation Skills

Good communication skills not only improve your interactions with your peers and colleagues, but they also strengthen your relationships and help you gain the respect of those you interact with. Successful communication entails more than just talking to someone. If your conversation skills are lacking, don’t worry, there are things you can do to improve [Continue Reading]

How Blockchain is Changing the World

You may have heard of blockchain in relationship to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, but there is so much more to it than that. Blockchain is already having a significant impact upon the world we live in. In the future, blockchain’s influence will be huge. From secure communications to banking, blockchain is changing the way we [Continue Reading]

Top Tools for Biz Intelligence

Business intelligence is the term used to refer to any form of technology, practices, and applications which enable and enhance the collection, analysis, integration, and presentation of business data. The main purpose of biz intelligence is to improve business decision making. Whether your business is small, a start-up, or a global enterprise, you will need [Continue Reading]