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8 Reasons to Use the Salesforce-GCF Telephony Integration

GCF-Salesforce voice and telephony integration.

Refining customer experience can boost sales revenue by 2–7% and profitability by 1–2%. This suggests that investing in customer-focused improvements can directly impact the bottom line.

What if we told you there’s a communication solution that not only improves customer and caller experience, but also optimizes workflow? Take a look at our VoIP CRM integrations. This solution seamlessly connects your business phone system with your CRM interface to help agents deliver superior sales and customer experiences.

We recently launched our Salesforce integration with Global Call Forwarding. With this solution, we want to help global businesses deliver a more personalized and effective customer experience on a single unified platform.

In this article, we’ll cover:

What is the Salesforce-Global Call Forwarding Integration?

The Salesforce integration with Global Call Forwarding is a powerful solution designed to streamline communication processes in a unified platform. It works with our softphone and Outbound calling solution, allowing you to make and receive calls within the Salesforce CRM.

This integration interface will empower your agents with unparalleled convenience and efficiency. How?

It consolidates customer data and call logs, adding Global Call Forwarding telephony capabilities to the Salesforce CRM. With access to a comprehensive view of customer communication, they can resolve issues swiftly and more efficiently.

This integration also adds to outbound call management. It saves agents’ valuable time by providing quick access to communication tools within the CRM.

How Does the VoIP-CRM Integration Work?

A VoIP-CRM integration is an amalgamation of both voice and CRM technologies, which allows businesses to unify their communication channels and customer data. That way, your agents can communicate better and in a more personalized way with each customer.

Here are some VoIP-CRM integration functionalities:

Auto Data Synchronization: Import customer contact information and other relevant call data from the CRM into the VoIP system and vice versa. Sync of data happens automatically, instead of having to be done manually.

Click-to-Call: Initiate calls from the CRM interface by simply clicking on a contact’s phone number. The VoIP system automatically connects to the dialer or softphone and places the call, eliminating the need to manually dial numbers.

In fact, Global Call Forwarding also offers a click-to-dial extension for Chrome web page users. It recognizes numbers on a web page and allows you to make a call through the GCF softphone with a simple click.

Caller Pops: Identify the caller’s phone number and automatically search the CRM database for a matching contact record. If a match is found, the caller’s information, including previous interactions and notes, is displayed to the agent.

Call Logging: Automatically logs call details, such as call duration, time, date, and outcome in the CRM system. This ensures that all call-related information is accurately recorded. Managers can reference this data to monitor performance.
8 reasons to use the Salesforce telephony integration with Global Call Forwarding.

8 Reasons to Use Global Call Forwarding Integration with Salesforce CRM


So, how can your business benefit from a VoIP CRM tool like the Salesforce-Global Call Forwarding integration? Here are a few reasons to use this powerhouse combination:

1. Expand with Global Voice Coverage

Global Call Forwarding has a voice coverage in over 160 countries globally. With our advanced global network, you can expand your business reach even without a physical presence. Get international phone numbers and outbound calling with local caller IDs.

Leverage our global voice coverage to effectively connect with customers and prospects worldwide. For example, a multinational corporation can use Salesforce-Global Call Forwarding integration to manage customer interactions across different regions and seamlessly route calls to local or regional offices based on caller location, language preferences, or time zones.

Using familiar phone numbers and caller IDs will also encourage customers to pick up the call, improving chances of customer and prospect engagement.

2. Use the Global Call Forwarding Softphone within Salesforce CRM

Businesses can avail the GCF softphone to make and receive calls from within Salesforce CRM. This will further streamline communication processes and productivity by unifying these platforms.

Your sales reps can make outbound calls to leads or prospects directly from Salesforce using our softphone. Organize your sales efforts with call details automatically logged in the CRM for tracking and follow-up purposes.

3. Get 360-Degree Customer View

The integration provides agents with a complete view of customer interactions, including calls, emails, and support tickets, all in one centralized platform. For example, say you use the Global Call Forwarding softphone from within Salesforce. Then, when a customer calls in, the agent can instantly access their purchase history, preferences, and any previous interactions stored in Salesforce. This enables agents to provide personalized assistance and address customer inquiries more effectively.

4. Implement Customized Call Routing

By leveraging our global telephony and Salesforce CRM integration, you can implement intelligent call routing strategies based on various criteria such as caller location, account type, or support tier.

You could, say, route high-value customers to dedicated account managers and technical inquiries to specialized support teams. This ensures that calls are handled by the most qualified agents, leading to faster resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.

Learn about the Salesforce and Global Call Forwarding phone integration.

5. Improve Lead Management

Incoming calls are automatically logged, and you can take this a step forward by adding notes on lead qualification, opportunities, obstacles, etc., in Salesforce. For instance, when a new prospect calls, the call details are logged directly into Salesforce. Treating this as a potential lead, agents can follow up promptly and track the progress of leads through the sales pipeline. This way, your sales teams can work more efficiently.

6. Offer Personalized Customer Experiences

The Salesforce-Global Call Forwarding integration enables agents to deliver personalized customer experiences. For example, if a customer has recently inquired about a product, the agent can reference the product during the call and offer relevant recommendations or support. This personalized customer-centric approach strengthens customer relationships and increases brand loyalty.

7. Get Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Call logging facilitates real-time visibility into sales call metrics and performance data directly from Salesforce CRM. So, managers can track call volume, agent performance, and average talk times to identify trends and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach will help you design and optimize agent elevation.

8. Work with Global Workforce

Additionally, this integration will allow your teams to access customer data and place receive calls from anywhere in the world. Combine this with advanced routing features like international forwarding, call routing, ring groups, ringing strategies, and so on. This means you can hire from and work with a global talent pool.

Remote sales teams, for instance, can use the integration to manage customer relationships across different time zones and geographies, ensuring consistent communication and support services for customers worldwide.

Get the Salesforce-Global Call Forwarding Integration

Want to up your call center efficiency? A VoIP CRM integration is one way to go about it. There are several perks to using a unified platform to manage customer interaction data and calls.

Let us help you choose the right telephony integration for your business. Global Call Forwarding has been helping businesses worldwide with our state-of-the-art global telephony solutions. Get our Salesforce voice integration and make your business communication system even more efficient.

Reach out to our experts today to know more. Existing customers can contact your account managers for more assistance or set up the integration through the Salesforce AppExchange.

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