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6 Benefits of Using the Zendesk-Global Call Forwarding Integration

6 benefits of using the Zendesk and GCF calling integration

When it comes to business communication, VoIP-CRM integrations are a game-changer. Not only do these solutions improve voice connectivity, they also optimize workflow efficiency. By creating a unified platform, you can empower agents to have quality customer interactions entailing personalized efforts.

To this effect, we’ve recently launched the Zendesk integration for Global Call Forwarding, aimed at helping you streamline communication processes and improve customer support.

In this article, we’ll cover what is the Zendesk-Global Call Forwarding integration along with:

What is the Zendesk-Global Call Forwarding Integration?

The Zendesk-Global Call Forwarding integration merges your Zendesk CRM platform with Global Call Forwarding phone services seamlessly.

Use the GCF softphone within Zendesk and boost your business communication capabilities. Access our cloud telephony solutions directly within your Zendesk interface. In other words, you can add phone calling functionality to your CRM. This means you can make, receive, and log calls through the CRM with the softphone.

From small enterprises to large corporations, particularly international companies—this integration interface is beneficial for all business types.

To activate the Global Call Forwarding integration with Zendesk, our existing customers can get in touch with their account managers. Activation and cancellation of the CRM integration can be done at any time from the account control panel. New users can contact our telephony experts to know more today!

Best part? Setup is a breeze, requiring only a few clicks, no coding or developer assistance needed.

How Does a VoIP CRM Integration Work?

VoIP CRM integrations bridge your voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems with customer relationship management (CRM) interface to optimize voice connectivity. This enhances the functionality of both platforms.

How does it work? You need a CRM interface and a VoIP provider offering a compatible integration solution. Once integrated, you can enjoy a variety of new telephony features such as click-to-call, softphone calling, auto data syncs, and more.

With such features, the integration interface lets you optimize sales efforts from any location, with minimal errors. Read more about VoIP CRM integrations in our guide.

6 Benefits of Integrating Global Call Forwarding with Zendesk CRM

6 Benefits of the Zendesk-Global Call Forwarding Integration

  1. Access to Global Call Forwarding Softphone within Zendesk CRM
  2. Added Global Voice Coverage
  3. Improved Customer Management and Support
  4. Increased Flexibility
  5. Optimized Business Communication
  6. Global and Distributed Team Collaboration

Integration of CRM and VoIP is one way to empower your agents to provide quick and timely customer service. With both platforms combined, you can enjoy features like inbound and outbound calling, access voicemail, manage customer data, and more within your CRM.

So let’s take a look at the key benefits of the Global Call Forwarding integration with Zendesk:

1. Access to Global Call Forwarding Softphone within Zendesk CRM

A significant advantage of this integration is that users of Zendesk can access the Global Call Forwarding softphone which comes with our Outbound Calling solution. Use it from within Zendesk or download the app onto your favorite devices and access Zendesk contacts there.

A softphone app lets users make and receive calls over the internet with devices like a computer, smartphone, etc. Use it to connect with local and international customers at the click of a button. As part of our outbound calling solution, you can even use your local phone numbers as outbound caller IDs when calling internationally. It increases the likelihood of calls being answered and improves communication with local customers.

Streamline workflows by automatically syncing call records and contacts between the softphone and the CRM interface.

2. Added Global Voice Coverage

Combine your CRM with global voice coverage with Global Call Forwarding. Get access to international phone numbers—local and toll-free numbers—from more than 160 countries. Enhance your global voice coverage with our high-quality communication services and advanced calling features such as international call forwarding, call routing, voicemail, and more.

Wherever you want to expand, simply add new phone numbers to your phone service and they get automatically integrated with Zendesk.

Check out our country coverage.

3. Improved Customer Management and Support

Thanks to the two-way data syncing, agents can easily review notes and track opportunities by logging calls with associated accounts in the CRM. No need for manual duplicate entries. This means that the latest customer interactions are always up-to-date and available to everyone across different platforms.

Plus, features like call pops allow agents to see customer information before answering calls, making it easier to provide personalized support. All this makes customer and call tracking as well as follow-up easier.

Optimize call handling and agent preparedness so your teams can improve customer management and better communicate with customers.

4. Increased Flexibility

The click-to-call or click-to-dial feature is a VoIP capability that allows users to make outbound calls directly from the CRM interface with ease.

Whether your teams are working from their computers or need to make calls on the go, they can comfortably place calls through the GCF softphone connected to their Zendesk CRM.

Global Call Forwarding also offers a Click-to-Dial feature as a Chrome extension that lets you place calls directly on any Chrome webpage.

5. Optimized Business Communication

By centralizing communications and saving time, agents can create new contacts, track leads and opportunities, and resolve tickets while on call. This ensures that agents are always on the same page as their customers, leading to improved interactions and customer satisfaction.

6. Global and Distributed Team Collaboration

Access to business calling tools and customer data from anywhere enhances remote work capabilities. This means your business can comfortably facilitate global and distributed team collaboration. In this way, you enable teams to stay connected and productive, regardless of geographical location, leading to more efficiency and teamwork.

Get the Zendesk CRM-Global Call Forwarding Integration

Want to add cloud telephony to your CRM? Consider the Zendesk-Global Call Forwarding integration for a top-notch business phone system upgrade. Centralize business communication and access crucial telephony capabilities in a single platform.

Ready to test out the Global Call Forwarding integration with Zendesk? Reach out to our experts today to find out more!

Existing customers can contact your account managers for more assistance.

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