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Using the Zoho-Global Call Forwarding Integration to Optimize Business Communication

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That customer experience is the driving force behind business success is a given. And therefore, ensuring responsiveness is critical at every stage of the pre-and post-sales processes. In this effort, combining cloud telephony with your CRM through a VoIP integration emerges as a pivotal solution.

Besides facilitating connectivity between VoIP telephony and CRM software, this integration helps in streamlining business operations. How?

By allowing quick and easy calling and synchronizing essential data between the two platforms. This way, such integrations empower agents and managers with valuable and timely customer interaction insights.

We recently launched the Zoho CRM integration for Global Call Forwarding to help you consolidate your key business processes.

Let’s look at advanced call functionalities, the benefits of the single unified platform, and some practical use cases.

What is the GCF-Zoho Integration?

The Zoho integration is a seamless connection between the Zoho CRM and Global Call Forwarding cloud telephony solutions. In other words, you can add cloud telephony functionality to your CRM, letting you consolidate customer interactions and calls.

The Zoho-Global Call Forwarding integration works with our Outbound Calling solution and our softphone, making it easy for your business to make and receive business calls on any device and in any location. This integration comes with many calling features in Zoho like click-to-call, call logging, and data sync.

Global Call Forwarding offers international inbound and outbound virtual phone numbers. And these phone numbers come with sophisticated features, such as international call forwarding and advanced call management.

Once set up, you can utilize the GCF softphone extension within the Zoho CRM environment. By opening the softphone dialer, you can make and receive calls to contacts, leads, and accounts directly from Zoho CRM pages. Similarly, you can access Zoho contacts in the GCF softphone desktop and make calls from your preferred devices.

Benefits of Integrating Global Call Forwarding with Zoho CRM

From enhanced customer management to streamlined team collaboration, there are many advantages of the Zoho-Global Call Forwarding integration. Let’s have a look:

Centralized Business Communication

By combining your phone service and core business applications, you can centralize communication efforts within a single platform. Agents can remain within the Zoho CRM to make and receive calls without switching between applications, improving call handling and overall operational efficiency.

International Calling Capabilities

A significant advantage that Global Call Forwarding customers have is the access to international calling features. When you get outbound calling with us, you can improve connection rates by displaying local caller IDs when making international calls. This enhances credibility and improves call connection rates when dialing customers in different regions.

Advanced Features and Enhanced Call Management

Through the integration, you can get a wide range of advanced calling features offered by Global Call Forwarding, such as call recording, voicemail-to-email, and interactive voice response (IVR). Check out our suite of features that help upgrade global telephony systems, optimize business workflows, and increase productivity.

Improved Customer Relationship Management

The integration gives agents easy access to customer information and their interaction history. They can quickly review this data during calls and personalize interaction, improving customer satisfaction.

Better Team Collaboration

As call data gets automatically synced into a single platform, team members can share call logs, notes, and customer information. Therefore, the integration fosters better team collaboration and promotes teamwork and knowledge sharing.

How to Use the Zoho-Global Call Forwarding Integration?

A chart showing the benefits of the Zoho and Global Call Forwarding telephony integration.

This powerful integration brings together robust communication tools and comprehensive CRM functionalities. Here are some of the use cases illustrating the versatility and efficacy of this integration in driving business growth in different ways.

1. Add Global Coverage to your CRM

Global Call Forwarding has a wide global voice network and businesses can access this to establish themselves locally without physical presence. Multinational businesses can integrate our international phone numbers into Zoho CRM to expand global reach.

With access to numbers from over 160 countries, gain a local foothold in key markets, allowing your teams to easily connect with global customers (and vice versa) regardless of location. This way, you can strengthen your brand presence and improve accessibility for customers worldwide.

Check out our global coverage to see if we cover your target markets.

Example: Multinational hotel chains can add multiple international phone numbers to their CRM. This allows travelers to easily connect with reservations and customer service teams regardless of their location.

2. Call from within the Zoho CRM with Click-to-Call

Simplify communication workflows and boost efficiency by making calls directly from Zoho CRM using click-to-call functionality. Timing is crucial in converting interest into sales, especially when customers are buying online. With click-to-call, your sales reps can quickly initiate outbound calls directly from the CRM platform for follow-ups.

Example: An e-commerce business’ sales team can quickly return customer calls or chats, address customer interest and related queries, and guide them to purchasing.

3. Connect Zoho Contacts Directly from GCF Softphone

Additionally, you can find and call your Zoho contacts through the GCF softphone app. This enables agents to initiate calls directly from their preferred devices, wherever the softphone is downloaded.

Get quick access to customer information and have smooth communication, thereby improving engagement and relationship building.

Example: For real estate businesses, agents can use this integration to schedule property viewings, provide updates to clients, and follow up with leads.

An image with more benefits of the GCF and Zoho phonebridge integration.
4. Tailor Call Flows with Call Forwarding

Optimize call handling by designing custom call flows based on your business communication needs. Global Call Forwarding offers an IVR and call flow builder that lets you tailor and create different call flows for different phone lines.

You can also use this feature alongside your CRM for better customer and call tracking. By assigning different phone numbers to different regions or marketing channels, you can identify where your customers interact most with your business. These calls can all be forwarded to the same phone line for convenience. However, you can leverage call logs and reports to understand your customer base better.

Example: Medical and healthcare organizations use this feature for call tracking and distribution. How? By assigning different phone numbers to specific departments or specialists with access to the CRM platform. Then, forward incoming calls automatically to the appropriate person, and they can receive these calls within the CRM. In this manner, the business ensures efficient call handling, reduced wait times, and better patient experience.

5. Sync Call Detail Records Automatically Between Systems

Enhance data accuracy and reduce manual record-keeping by automatically syncing call detail records between Zoho CRM and Global Call Forwarding. This bidirectional synchronization ensures that all call activities and interactions are captured and updated across both systems.

Example: In an investment firm, capture and update interactions and call activities with clients in both systems. Then, advisors can use this comprehensive view of client engagements to deliver personalized financial advice and services based on accurate and up-to-date information.

6. Keep Track of Customer Interactions and Agent Performance with Detailed Call Logs, etc.

The Zoho-Global Call Forwarding integration comes with a call logging feature where agents and reps can input detailed notes based on customer interactions within the Zoho CRM. Since data between both platforms will automatically sync, agents can eliminate the need to manually log activities in Zoho. Share these call logs and notes with your teams or use them to analyze trends and customer behavior patterns. Furthermore, managers can review call logs to determine agents’ performance and effectiveness.

Example: Software companies can gain deeper insights into customer interactions and behavior by reviewing call logs. With this information, the company can identify areas of improvement and tailor its product offerings and support services.

7. Leverage Call Analytics and Reports

Harness the power of call analytics and reporting tools to gain valuable insights into call performance, trends, and metrics. Our call reports offer information on call origination, destination number, duration, call volume over set periods, and so on. Combine that with our call recording feature and you can even listen in on calls that took too long, were cut short, or featured a high-value prospect. Use this data to make informed business decisions.

Example: Management and consulting firms can access and review analytics detailed metrics to identify communication trends, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and evaluate client satisfaction levels.

Get the Global Call Forwarding Integration

Do you use Zoho CRM for your business? Integrate our VoIP service with your CRM and enjoy the perks of centralized and consolidated communication. Plus, the setup is quick and easy, requiring no coding or developer intervention, making it accessible to all users.

Ready to streamline your communication? Contact our experts now to find out all about Global Call Forwarding integrations.

Existing customers can reach out to your account managers for more assistance. We’re here to help!

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