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Top 5 Countries for Global Expansion in 2020

top countries for global expansion

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Is global expansion on your agenda for 2020? Then it’s time to look at the top 5 countries to consider expanding to this year. Here we highlight countries to consider and resources such as important contacts and business phone numbers.

Global Expansion in 2020: Top Countries to Consider

This list of top countries for global expansion in 2020 is based on:

  • Availability of skills
  • Quality of infrastructure
  • GDP growth
  • Connectivity
  • Complexity of the landscape

What do you need to make your global expansion successful? Here are a few best practices to pay attention to:

  • Before entering new markets:
    • Conduct market research to determine which countries are suitable for your business
    • Plan how to target and enter these markets
    • Test marketing to see how your product may do in new markets
  • While entering new markets:
    • Local authorities to work with
    • Local partnerships to develop
    • Business phone numbers to establish contact
    • International SEO to boost marketing strategies
  • Once you’ve entered and established business in the new market:
    • International toll free service to offer locals a free way to contact your business
    • 24/7 customer support to increase customer satisfaction
    • Regional offices to develop a stronger local presence

Keeping these in mind, let’s now look at the top 5 countries to consider for global expansion:

1. Singapore

Singapore continues to attract international attention with its flexible market, strategic location, and favorable environment for foreign investment. Singapore ranks high for the availability of skills and innovation.

Local Authorities to Pay Attention to:

  • Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  • EntrePass — a work pass for foreign, international business-owners.
  • Economic Development Board (EDB)
  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  • Workforce Singapore (WSG) & Skills Future Singapore (SSG)
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Local Phone Numbers

2. Ireland

Recently, Ireland’s GDP and inward investment have seen tremendous growth. Along with such growth, the country’s proximity to the UK makes it a new attractive spot for foreign investment.

Local Authorities to Pay Attention to:

  • Companies Registration Office (CRO)
  • Sealmaker
  • Revenue Commissioners
  • IDA Ireland

Local Phone Numbers

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    • Ireland national numbers
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    • Universal toll free numbers (UIFN)

3. Denmark

Denmark has been and continues to be one of the easiest Scandinavian countries to enter and do business with. Additionally, Denmark is also home to much highly-skilled talent across numerous industries.

Local Authorities to Pay Attention to:

  • Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT)
  • Danish Business Authority
  • Danish Tax Agency’s online service — TastSelvErhverv
  • Labour Market Insurance
  • Danish Working Environment Authority
  • Central Business Register (CVR)

Local Phone Numbers

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4. Hong Kong

Irrespective of Hong Kong’s current social and political instability, it ranks high in the interest of US and UK tech companies. This is due to its growth and development, dense population, competitive advantages as well as access to premier talent.

Local Authorities to Pay Attention to:

  • Gov.HK
  • Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) System
  • InvestHK
  • Business Facilitation Advisory Committee (BFAC)
  • Economic and Employment Council (EEC) and Business Facilitation Team
  • Business Liaison Groups (BLGs)
  • Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)
  • Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS)

Local Phone Numbers

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5. Mexico

Mexico is among the most developed countries in Latin America. The Mexican dollar currently is favorable to foreign investment and growth.

Local Authorities to Pay Attention to:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Tax Administration Service
  • Public Registry of Property and Commerce (RPPC)
  • Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS)
  • Mexican Institute for Foreign Investment

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Ready for Your Business’ Global Expansion?

Expanding to these countries is much easier thanks to advancements in technology and telecommunications. You can start by establishing connections through business virtual phone numbers, testing the market, and then gradually moving physically. We here at Global Call Forwarding can help you communicate globally with ease and without dramatically increasing your expenses. Learn how today; call or chat with us now!

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