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3 Ways to Make Sure You Never Miss A Voicemail

Nobody chooses to miss an important phone call. In fact, many of us wait by the phone when we know something important is coming up, but it tends to be that the second we walk away or start an activity is when the phone buzzes. Sometimes missing a phone call cannot be avoided, but missing a voicemail is something that can certainly be avoided. However, the odds are stacked against you. It is easy to slip up and accidentally delete a voicemail or completely forget about it. Or perhaps you’ve let your voicemails pile up into a loaded abyss that you’re unsure of how to dig yourself out of. It’s time to clean up these mishaps.

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Staying Ahead by Staying on Top of Your Voicemail

You never know what you may have missed out on if you aren’t constantly checking your voicemails. This is especially true if you’re trying to run a good business. Any missed call could become a missed opportunity. If you follow these three guidelines and make them a healthy habit then you can be sure that you will never miss an important voicemail again. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind to ensure you’re on top of those voicemails and on top of your business.

1. Invest in a Professional Phone Service

You could take the risk and rely on the voicemail box that was provided by your cell provider. You know, the same provider that doesn’t show that you missed a call every time you go underground on the subway? If your clients are tired of hearing the “mailbox is full” response every time they try to leave you a message then it might be time to consider other options. If you really want to be professional, it might be time to upgrade to a business voicemail.

Professional voicemail services have more than enough storage space to keep all of your important messages and you’ll never have to worry about the message being accidentally deleted. These business voicemails have plenty of features to save your messages and manage them accordingly. Plus, you can switch your voicemail greeting to be more professional while keeping a more personal message on your private line.

2. Take Your Messages Somewhere Else

If you’re more likely to check your email than your voicemails, why not turn your voicemails into emails? With Global Call Forwarding’s virtual numbers and mailboxes, you have the option to have all of your voicemail messages configured into mp3 files so they can be sent by email. This feature is called voicemail-to-email and it is very simple to use. Voicemail-to-email is great for businesses that have a lot of call volume. Not every message can be picked up by a regular voicemail box. By using email you can still receive your messages using a second source which guarantees that your messages will never be lost. Each time you log into your email you will find your unread and unheard messages. Play them right from your computer; you do not even have to log in to your virtual phone number account before hearing them. Simply set up your account to have your excess messages sent to your email.

3. Clean Up Your Mailbox

High volumes of voicemail messages can become overwhelming very quickly. In order to keep your voicemail box from getting overly chaotic and out of order, you may need to set up a few different mailbox systems for each department in your business. That way, the right department receives the voicemail and can answer any customer’s question with ease. By using a menu tool on your voicemail greeting, the client can choose which department he or she needs to speak with and can then leave a message with that chosen department. It will be much easier for all employees and various departments to have their own mailbox. This will also help cut down on response time. Instead of looking around for the right person with the answers, the right person will already have the message.

Each business is different and will need to monitor their customers’ inquiries in a way that works for the company. Setting up a virtual phone number with Global Call Forwarding is simple, provides organization, and is an easy way to get started. If you want to elevate your business, sign up for a free trial and see how simple it is to never miss a voicemail.

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