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Security Features of the New iPhones

security features of the new iphone

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The new iPhone XS and XR have finally dropped and with them, an abundance of security features. Thanks to the latest iOS update, iOS 12, your phone is safer than ever. In addition to the new OLED displays, aerospace-grade aluminum bands, and the professional “portrait mode” camera feature, there are great, new ways to protect your information. Smartphone security features have always been a point of pride by Apple, and with their latest innovations, they have clearly been a priority. Here are some of the latest updates you can expect to find on your iPhone.

Limits On Ad Tracking

If you’ve ever wondered why a website displays banner ads for a new toaster, car, or clothing items every time you’ve been searching the internet for a new toaster, car, or piece of clothing, then you’ve witnessed targeting ads. It is easy for a website to find out a bit of information on you every time you log on. Luckily, Safari on iOS has been blocking third-party cookies for some time. However, the new iPhones have an additional feature; now Safari can block social media sharing icons and comment boxes that automatically identify you and plug in your information. The new iPhones are also putting up a bigger fight against Facebook. Before, if you were logged into your Facebook account in your browser, any site could track who you are if they used a Facebook Share button, even if you decided not to share the page. Now, the browser is able to recognize when a website is tracking you and you can choose to block the tracker or not. This traffic-restricting tech will also be available on the new macOS.

Video Chat Will Be Safer

iPhone uses encryption for your privacy in everything from your texts to your pictures. Data cannot be read without a facial scan, fingerprint, or passcode. Now, FaceTime chats can’t be spied on either. All chats and videos sent between iPhones can’t be stopped and spied on by hackers, in fact, Apple can’t even gain access to them. Even now that Apple has updated FaceTime to include group chats for up to 31 people at once, encryption will be still be activated.

Stronger Password Protection

Safari already uses a tool where it suggests strong passwords and will keep them safe in a storage system. Apple claims that this tool will be stronger than ever in iOS 12. Your Safari browser will also recognize when you use the same password and login information for multiple accounts and advise that you change one. And you won’t have to worry about juggling all of these different passwords since iCloud will keep them all safe and linked between all of your devices.

Emergency Location Sharing

If you find yourself in an emergency where you need to dial 911, your iPhone will automatically share your location with the emergency operator. This is an extremely important feature that could save lives when timing is everything, or it can’t be vocalized for some reason. This is also important for people who find themselves in emergency situations while in unfamiliar places.

Better Hacking Security

The new iPhone is prepared for hacking criminals and law enforcement agents trying to hack into your information. Previously, if your phone was not unlocked for seven days the security would block attempts at entry. Now if your phone is not unlocked for one hour it will be prepared to block attempts at data retrieval from persons trying to crack your codes.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is commonplace for many secure websites such as those that deal with your money. A two-factor authentication means that you would need a code from your phone in addition to your username and password for entry into the site. This is a great inconvenience to a hacker, but it could also be annoying for you if you just want a faster entry into your information. This next great security update uses AutoFill to automatically fill-in your passcode on sites that you visit frequently. So not only are you doubly protected, but you also don’t need to add in double the information.

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