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Using Toll Free Numbers as a Marketing Tool

Toll Free Numbers for marketing

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Getting potential customers to call you for business leads is a huge step in the corporate world. This can allow you to shift your focus from finding customers yourself to providing the service you specialize in as the customers continue to come your way. A good marketing campaign can help you achieve this influx of customers, but there are a few steps you will need to take along the way to make the most out of your efforts.

Setting up a personal toll free number for potential customers to contact you through is one of the best things you can do for your company, and call forwarding can help you with this.

Call forwarding can help your business grow by turning your existing line into a toll free number.  This means you can keep your existing line and as customers call they will be seamlessly patched through to your new, toll free number. This can help you manage calls and promote your new line without losing potential business that would come in through your old clientele.

Benefits of a Toll Free Number

A toll free number offers validity, reliability and security to a business. A toll free number can make your business appear more established than another type of number, especially if the number you would be giving clients is out of town. Customers will hesitate to make long-distance calls, and the fact that a competitor offers a toll-free number could be the difference between a lead and lost opportunity.

Opening a second contact line can often spell out confusion. As your company grows you may find the need for multiple lines, but generally you will want to allocate those lines based on department or purpose, not simply call capacity. Customers could potentially become turned off by multiple numbers listed for your company across different directories. The best marketing tactic you can use is uniformity. You want your company easily recognizable through your logo, your website and your phone number. Too many numbers assigned arbitrarily can throw off the uniformity of your company’s brand.

A toll free number can do wonders for your business. Use call forwarding to roll over your existing telephone lines into one that you can advertise. For help or information about call forwarding options, contact us.

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