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Singapore Phone Numbers: The IMDA Numbering Plan Explained

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The Republic of Singapore has one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia. Its booming economy provides great potential for foreign investment. In this article, we will detail the different types of Singapore phone numbers that exist so you can find one suitable for your communication needs.

Telephone Numbers in Singapore

Telephone numbers in Singapore are regulated by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). The IMDA created a National Numbering Plan. The National Numbering Plan describes how Singapore phone numbers are administered and managed. It also sets out the eligibility and assignment criteria along with application procedures for various number types.

The goal of their National Numbering Plan is to provide a level playing field for competition and ensure that the number allocation process in Singapore is fair and transparent.

Singapore phone numbers and IMDA explained.

Singapore Numbering Plan and Format

Due to its small geographical size, all phone numbers in Singapore belong to the same area code and are eight digits long. The formatting convention for a Singapore phone number is +65 NXXX XXXX.

According to the National Numbering Plan, phone numbers are classified based on their leading digit. Singapore numbers with leading digits 3 and 6 are reserved for IP telephony and PSTN service, respectively. Shortcodes are typically three or four digits long.

Other special service numbers, such as ITFS and premium-rate numbers, also exist in Singapore.

What Country Code is Singapore?

The country calling code for Singapore is +65. This means that when calling a Singapore phone number from outside the country, the caller should dial +65 followed by the destination number. While inside the country, callers can omit the +65 and simply dial the eight-digit number.

History of the Telephone in Singapore

Singapore is reported to be among the first countries in the East to have a highly developed telecommunication infrastructure. The telephone was first introduced in Singapore in 1879. Since then, there have been tremendous nationwide developments. This helps enable such a small country to have such an advanced infrastructure and thriving economy. Some of the leading exchanges or service providers include Singtel, StarHub, M1, and Global Call Forwarding.

How to Get a Singapore Phone Number

It’s easy to get a Singapore phone number in just a few minutes. First off, we recommend choosing a trusted provider of business phone numbers within the country. Of the utmost importance is high voice quality. In addition to voice quality, we advise that you do not sign a long-term contract. Our service, for example, is month-to-month without any long-term commitment. There is always documentation required to get started, which is standard KYC procedure for any Singapore phone number provider.

Anyone can get a Singapore phone number, even if you’re located outside Singapore. People who want to answer calls in another country would, however, need to choose a provider with international forwarding capabilities. Once you choose a provider, you can get started in just a few easy steps. The best providers usually have Singapore numbers available for fast online activation.

Singapore Virtual Phone Number Pricing

Through our evaluation of the top phone number providers, we recommend that you choose a provider offering month-to-month service. Once again, you must be able to stop the service if the need arises. This is the monthly pricing that we found for phone numbers in Singapore:

Singapore Toll-Free Numbers

Singapore toll-free numbers are for businesses operating in Singapore. The formatting convention is 800 XXX XXXX. They have existed for years and continue to be in high demand due to their ability to attract potential customers. Customers do not have to worry about high calling rates when calling a business with a toll-free number.

Additionally, individuals associate toll-free or 800 numbers with established businesses, improving your company’s visibility and credibility. This encourages them to connect with you regarding product inquiries or customer support.

Benefits of Singapore Phone Numbers

So, what are the benefits of Singapore numbers? Here are some advantages when you get a Singapore number:

  • Expand your business to Singapore
  • Create and maintain a local presence that will benefit your business
  • Explore new markets and customer bases
  • Increase sales and lead generation in Singapore and
  • Provide local or toll-free customer support
  • Increase your business’s professional appearance and improve regional credibility
  • Route calls to anywhere in the world via a stable internet connection
  • Keep your remote offices well-connected

Learn More About Singapore Phone Numbers Today

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F A Q | Singapore Phone Numbers

Here’s an example of a Singapore phone number: (+65) 1234-5678, including the country code (+65) and the subscriber number (8 digits).

Singapore phone numbers include 10 digits total including the country code (+65) and the 8-digit subscriber number. Because of the country’s small geographical size, there are no trunk or area codes.

You’ll first need to dial the US exit or dial out code (+011), then the Singapore country code (+65), and the subscriber number.

You can get a Singapore phone number from international phone service providers like Global Call Forwarding. We offer phone numbers for more than 160 countries including local, toll-free, and national Singapore phone numbers.

The country code for Singapore is (+65).