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What to do When Your Business Outgrows Your Cell Phone

What is a Business Phone Number?

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Starting a small business from your cell phone can easily work… for a while. But as your business takes off, you will see that your flashy smartphone may not have all the bells and whistles you’ll need for the growing demand. If you’re in this position, it may be time to upgrade to a system that can manage your phone calls in an efficient manner. Not only will your business appear to be more professional, having more reliable options to handle the increase of calls may be a welcome relief. Here is what to do when your business outgrows your cell phone.

Set Up A Voicemail Box

Changing your personal voicemail to a professional voicemail is the first step in making your business more professional. A personal voicemail isn’t the best way to greet customers, and it may even confuse them into believing that they have dialed the wrong number. There are many ways that you can go about creating a professional voicemail greeting. But even as your daily calls increase, even your smartphone’s mailbox won’t be able to handle all the incoming callers.

Be Sure That You Aren’t Missing Any Calls

Once your business has begun to grow, you’ll notice that you’re getting a lot more callers, from loyal customers, and new prospective buyers. It is crucial that your business has a high response to these callers. If you’re on the phone with one customer and another customer calls, it will go to voicemail. If another customer calls at that exact moment, the call is going to receive a busy signal. A busy signal is the worst thing that your customer can get. It shows them that you’re not available and that their call is not important to you. If your call volume has increased to the point where it is possible for three callers to be calling simultaneously, it is probably the right time to get a phone system that can handle multiple phone calls so no one gets lost in the abyss.

Get a Virtual Phone Number

Now that you’ve realized that even the most polished voicemail greeting won’t suffice in every situation, it’s time to think about other options. A lot of business people have an extra cell phone that they use only when emailing or speaking to clients. But having an extra cell phone can feel clunky. Not to mention overwhelming, when you finally look over at your second smartphone to see that you’ve missed 1,000 emails. Getting a virtual phone number allows you to have a second phone line without having to purchase another device. Also, most virtual phone numbers can be set up to your tablet, smartphone, and computer. Which means that you can have access to your customers from more than one device, with total convenience.

Getting a virtual number is a simple process that offers many benefits to business owners. Virtual phone numbers come with a variety of fantastic features that will help you connect with your consumers more easily while making your business look even more professional. Some features that are available with virtual phone numbers include personalized voicemail greetings, local ringback tones, and time of day routing. If your workday is from 9-5, then you can easily set up your virtual phone number to forward over to voicemail or your email account so that way you can spend more time enjoying life. Instead of answering constant calls from customers during your son’s soccer game, you can actually be there! If you have a business that employs more than one person, then you’ll have the option of transferring the call to another member of staff who is better prepared to answer a customer’s particular questions. For example, if you are the CEO of your company and your only employee is the head of sales, then you have the option to forward any calls to his line if they pertain to his particular line of knowledge.

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