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Why Inspiring Trust and Trusting Others are Important Leadership Skills

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To trust others and to inspire trust in others is a top trait to look for when finding a leader for your team. It’s not an easy thing to learn; it is dependent on the ability to stabilize a precarious scale that can easily tip in one direction or another. For example, those that are too trusting can get duped very quickly, and those that don’t trust enough will lose the faith of those around them. Even great leaders have lost the trust of their followers at one time or another. However, the key is to know how to gain that trust back.

Personality Traits for Leadership

Many different personality traits make up a great leader. However, trust is among the most important. If you can get the handle of balancing trust just right, then you can become an inspiring leader.

The Importance of Trust

The first thing that a successful leader must do is be trustworthy themselves, which means that they must be able to inspire those around them to trust them. Being known as an honest person can help with difficult situations, especially in the event a crisis needs to be remedied at work.

Another aspect of gaining trust at work is that trust works both ways. Everyone around you won’t trust you until you believe in them yourself. You may have the reputation of a trustworthy person, but that is shot if you begin to show to your team that you do not trust them to make decisions or work on certain things. Managers who behave in this way are often overworked because they don’t believe in anyone enough to lean on them when the person in management has been given too much work for them to handle on their own. When a manager doesn’t trust his team enough to lighten his own workload, then he will become drained and begin to victimize himself. When a manager refuses to trust his employees with tasks, the work environment can start to tip unfavorably. The employees will become lazy or demoralized.

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A More Effective Team

Leaders who can inspire trust will be much more successful. These people have an understanding of how to organize their work and strategize what is placed in front of them. They know their team members’ strengths and weaknesses which means they can delegate work tasks accordingly. These managers are well-liked by their teams because no one is afraid to approach these people with a problem. They feel like their voice is heard and that inspires workers to be more outspoken and excel faster since they are more comfortable at their job. Managers who trust others also learn about those that they work with. With knowledge of everyone’s abilities, these managers create the most cohesive teams. And the bottom line is that managers who inspire confidence and trust help build morale throughout the entire company.

The fine line between trusting and going overboard is thin, and those in managerial and leadership positions should be conscious of this. When a leader trusts their employees too much, the employees will often see how much they can get away with under this leader. All leaders must still do their due diligence in spotting the moments when an employee will take advantage.

Keep a lookout for managers and leaders who put too much intention behind being well-liked in the office. A manager must maintain a delicate balance between likability and being dominant.

When looking for types of managers who would excel in a leadership position, always look to those who are trustworthy and inspire trust. It is essential that the people you choose to lead your company are balanced and honest. These people must also be aware that trust can be broken. Again, it is all about balance when choosing the right leader for your company. They must understand that the reality is that although they might be a trustworthy individual, that does not mean that every person around them is as well. You must be able to decipher between giving someone the benefit of the doubt and letting them get away with something.

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