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Australia Phone Number Guide: An Explainer

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Australia presents a compelling landscape for businesses looking to expand. It ranks as the 12th largest economy globally. Its strategic location in the Asia Pacific region makes it a gateway to key markets in the region.

The country boasts a stable and resilient economy with a strong regulatory framework, providing a secure environment to operate business. And it is rich in mining and agricultural resources, offering diverse investment opportunities.

Australia’s growing technology sector and commitment to innovation further create a favorable business climate. You can use this Australia phone number guide to learn about why to get an Australia number and the different types of numbers and plans available.

Guide to Phone Numbers in Australia

Getting an Australia phone number is crucial for businesses expanding there. With a local number, you can establish a local presence and foster stronger relationships with Australian clients. Potential clients are likely to trust a business with familiar local codes and reach out for inquiries and support more freely.

A huge plus—clients can call you for free or at local rates, depending on the type of number you pick.

Local numbers not only enhance brand visibility but also increase recognition, aligning with local advertising to improve customer recall and outreach. You can leverage automated call forwarding systems and Tier-1 telecom networks to seamlessly redirect your Australia calls worldwide.

In fact, Global Call Forwarding offers Australia phone numbers with a flexible forwarding service that allows companies globally to enter the Australian market.

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Australia Phone Number Plan

The government body Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) oversees the management of phone numbers in the country. Through the numbering plan, ACMA governs the allocation, transfer, surrender, portability, and usage rules for several telecom services. Under this numbering system, you’ll find fixed-line numbers, mobile numbers, national numbers, local numbers for different regions, and toll-free numbers.

Different Types of Australia Phone Numbers

If you are in and around Australia, there are a few different types of phone numbers you can get to connect with local clients.

With the help of our Australia phone number guide, you can choose the right number depending on your communication needs and business location.

Typically, this number format has the country code ‘+61’, the area code or toll-free code, and finally, a 6-8-digit long subscriber number.

The standard Australian phone number format looks something like: +61 (xx) xxxx xxx. From in-country, callers should omit the country code, but add a 0 before the area code and subscriber number.

Now let’s understand the different types of Australia phone numbers:

1. Australia Toll-Free Numbers

These numbers start with ‘1800’ and enable your clients to call your business without incurring any charges. It is ideal for companies with existing or potential Australian clients. Australia toll-free numbers can be configured to include voicemail, call forwarding, recording, and routing features.

The flexibility of directing incoming calls to any landline, mobile, or IP adds convenience. Owing to its cost-effectiveness, this number type is particularly beneficial for small businesses and startups.

Each number consists of a toll-free code and a unique 6-digit subscriber number number.

The Australia toll-free number format is 1800 xxx-xxx.

2. Australia Local or Geographic Numbers

Geographic numbers, mostly designated for local or landline services, consist of 10 digits and start with ‘02,’ ‘03,’ ‘07,’ and ‘08’ prefixes. The country is divided into 2,054 areas, as part of geographic numbering called standard zone units. Each region is given a unique area code. For example, the Western and Central region has ‘08’ as the area code followed by a 2-digit city-specific code like ‘62’ for Perth.

Most providers include local numbers for major Australian cities and regions like:

  • Alice Springs (889)
  • Brisbane (73)
  • Canberra (251)
  • Melbourne (39)
  • Newcastle (240)
  • Salisbury (872)
  • Sydney (27), and so on.

The structure of an Australian local number includes an area code followed by the local number.

The standard Australia local number format is +61 (08) 62xx-xxxx.*
*where ‘08’ is for the Western region and ‘62’ for Perth

Global Call Forwarding also offers Australia geographic and mobile numbers with local 2-way voice. This means you can make outbound calls to your customers in Australia while displaying this in-country, local caller ID. This guaranteed call connection will help increase response and callback rates.

3. Australia Mobile Numbers

A mobile number allows for easy communication with local customers. They can reach out via phone calls or text messages, enhancing accessibility for inquiries, support, and other communication needs.

Much like local numbers, mobile numbers in Australia may or may not be tied to a particular geographic area. The cost of calls to these numbers varies based on the caller’s location. They start with the national dialing code ‘04’ or ‘05’ followed by eight digits and their allocation depends on different cellular providers.

The Australia mobile number format is +61 (0466) xx-xx-xx.

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4. Australia National Numbers

These numbers are typically 10 digits starting with the ‘1300’ prefix. Callers can dial 1300 numbers from any mobile fixed line across Australia at local call rates. The cost of calling a 1300 number is shared between the caller and the business. The caller pays a local rate, and the business owner pays the remaining cost. Additionally, 1300 numbers can be configured with many calling features, such as routing calls to different locations.

The Australia national number format is +61 (1300) xxx xxx.

Get an Australia Phone Number with Global Call Forwarding

Use this Australia phone number guide to find your next Australia business number. Global Call Forwarding offers cloud-based local, toll-free, mobile, and national numbers. You can use these numbers from any location worldwide.

Sign up for your Australia number through our Pricing page. Need help deciding which number is apt for your business communication needs? Connect with our global communication specialists today!

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