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How to Call Ireland from US

How to Call Ireland from US

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If you’re from Ireland or you frequently need to do business with people in Ireland, you may be wondering how to call Ireland from US states. So, if you need to frequently make out of country calls to Ireland, you might be looking for an easier way. In this article, we determine how to call international to Ireland. And, provide an option for affordable long distance calling options through Global Call Forwarding.

How to Call Ireland from US Phones Step by Step

Before calling people in Ireland, first thing’s first – you need to figure out the present time in Ireland. Surely, you don’t want your call to catch anyone while they’re sleeping or super late at night. Typically, it’s best for people in the US to call people in Ireland in the mornings.

Step 1: Dialing Out

Once you figure a good time to make your call, it’s time to dial out. But, remember, calling Ireland isn’t like calling people in the states. First, you’ll need to exit the US calling code system. To do this, you need to dial the numbers 011. Anytime you want to call outside of the US or Canada, you’ll need to first dial these numbers.

Step 2: Ireland Country Code

Next, after the exit country digits, you’ll need to dial Ireland’s country code. This number is 353.

Step 3: Dial the Area Code

Once you’ve dialed both 011 and 353, you’ll then need to punch in the area code of the person you’re calling. Just like in the US, there are many different area codes for the people living in Ireland. So, you’ll need to know this number before dialing. If you don’t know the area code of the person in Ireland you’re trying to reach, check out this Ireland area code list.

Step 4: Dialing the Phone Number

Now that you know the area code of the person living in Ireland you’re trying to reach, you can dial that along with their entire 7-9 digit telephone number. So, all in all, the format of the number you’ll be calling will be: 011 (exit USA) – 353 (Ireland’s country code) – XX (Ireland area code) – XXXXXXX (full phone number).

How to Call Ireland from US
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How to Call Ireland Cell Phone Numbers from the US

Another thing that you’ll need to consider before making your call is if you’re calling a wireless cell phone or a landline. This is because Ireland has a different area code for people with cellphones. So, after the US exit code and Ireland’s country code, you’ll dial a specific area code to a specific region. Or, the standard wireless code for the country (80 or 81). So, if you’re not sure of the area code that you’re calling, you might need to use this as the area code. Specifically, if the person you’re calling has a wireless cell phone.

Choosing a Provider for Your Long Distance Calling

If you don’t set up a long-distance calling plan with your current cellular or telephone service provider, you might want to think about doing so. Especially if you have friends or family in Ireland and you plan to call them often. If you don’t get a good plan for out of country calls, you could be looking at steep international charges on your next phone bill. However, while your current provider may offer options for international calling, it still may be a bit more expensive than you’d like. If this is the case, consider other options, like purchasing a national virtual phone number from Global Call Forwarding.

National Virtual Phone Numbers for Calls to Ireland

Maybe you already know how to call Ireland from US phone lines. But, you’re looking for a cheaper way to call friends, family, or potential customers. If this is the case, virtual phone numbers may be right for you. Simply, a national virtual phone number is a phone number that’s given an Ireland area code. This way, you can call people in Ireland without racking up international charges. And, your friends, family, or Ireland customers don’t have to rack up international charges either. With virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding, you pay a monthly fee for the minute plan you select. This way, you can make as many overseas calls to Ireland as you want without paying outrageous charges. Plus, you even have the option to set up SMS at an additional charge.

Getting Your Virtual Phone Number Today

If you think that national virtual phone numbers may be the right solution for your Ireland phone calls, learn more about our services right from our website. And, contact us today to set up your virtual phone number so you can call your Ireland contacts today.

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