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4 Ways Call Forwarding Improves Quality Assurance in Health Care

Quality Assurance in Healthcare

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If you provide services within the health care industry, you have to be aware of quality assurance. And, how to maintain this quality assurance for your customers. This way, they continue to utilize your service instead of looking for other providers. In this article, we discuss some of the ways quality assurance in health care is uniquely important. And, ways businesses within this field can provide the best quality assurance for their customers.

What is Quality Assurance?

Before you can go about giving the best to your customers, you have to understand what quality assurance is. Essentially, quality assurance is providing and maintaining a quality of service for your customers. But, specifically, it means providing this quality in every single aspect of your service. This means providing and maintaining quality at every stage of service; from set up through cancellation.

What is Call Forwarding?

One of the ways businesses within the healthcare industry can increase quality assurance is to invest in call forwarding. To put it simply, call forwarding is a feature of a business phone solution. It allows a call that’s made to a specific phone number to be forwarded to a completely different number. And, it can make quality assurance in health care increasingly better in a number of ways.

1. Being Available for Healthcare Patients

One of the advantages of call forwarding in the health care realm is that it allows you to be more available to your patients. For example, even if a customer service representative is out of the office, they can still take calls with call forwarding. This means fewer missed phone calls from happier customers.

2. Eliminating the Need for Voicemail

Another advantage of call forwarding is that it works to increase quality assurance in health care is by eliminating voicemail. When a healthcare patient calls, they may not always want to leave a voicemail if their call goes unanswered. This may be in fear that their needs won’t be heard. Or, that their call will never be returned. Call forwarding eliminates the need for voicemail as it works to forward calls that go unanswered to lines that reach available representatives.

3. Allows for Mobility in the Workplace

When a healthcare provider has call forwarding set up, calls can be transferrable to cellular devices. This means that even mobile devices can work to increase quality assurance in health care. It also means that representatives in the health care industry never have to miss a trip or business phone call. And, they can answer business calls from anywhere, at any time from their mobile device.

Quality Assurance in Healthcare
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4. Ramping Up Customer Service

The final way call forwarding increases quality assurance in health care is by increasing the overall presence of customer service. Basically, call forwarding allows for the forwarding of multiple phone lines to one business phone number. This way, health care businesses can offer toll free numbers to their patients. Thus, providing a way for customers to call in for free. And, these numbers can all be forwarded to one centralized number or location. This way, customers have multiple ways of reaching your business. But, they are all met with the same great customer service they always expect from your business.

Getting a Virtual Phone Number With Call Forwarding for Health Care

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