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Infographic: Must-Know Facts About Business Phone Calls

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Business communications are an important factor in the successful running of an enterprise. Whether you are using in-house customer care teams or outsourcing to a contact center, how you interact with potential customers can heavily impact your sales. Advancements in telecom technology have paved a way to enhance office productivity and sales with call forwarding, tracking and recording, high call quality, and more. And these tools have made it easier than ever to maintain good customer relations through business calls. Keeping some of the below stats in mind, you can determine what is the best way for your company to connect with users.

Business Calls: Increasing Productivity and Customer Retention

Business dealings consist of internal and external calls. Internal refers to correspondences within the company and its team members. External calls, on the other hand, relate to the incoming and outgoing calls that connect your business to its clients. A good office phone system will ensure the smooth running of all business communication channels. With good call quality and contact tools, you can attract more customers while making yourself always reachable for returning ones.

Reasons Why Business Calls are Still Important

Interestingly, more than 92% of all customer interaction happens on the phone. Convenience and good customer service are strong contributing factors. It is no surprise that individuals find customer care important. A business that is easily reachable increases trust in the eyes of the caller because they know that you can solve an issue quickly, if the need arises. On the other hand, a company that takes the time out to call a user to provide information or assistance can further pique their interest in the service. Welcome and follow-up calls are appreciated because the customer can feel valued and not just treated as another price point.

Another reason why they prefer calling over emailing is that they believe a phone call is the quickest and most effective way to get a response. More than half of website visitors prefer contacting an enterprise through phone calls rather than email or contact forms. Click-to-call ads and call-to-actions which appear on mobile searches have greatly increased this number. Click-to-call options appear on sponsored ads or business listings where they provide a call button. Web visitors can click on these buttons to immediately call the business instead of searching for the number and dialing it in their dial-pad to call.

Tools That Enhance Business Dealings

Virtual phone service providers offer a wide range of tools that can be used and customized to meet your corporation’s needs. You can use call distribution features like Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ringing, Time of Day Routing to direct calls to different destinations and locations. The point of this is to ensure that if one agent or employee is unable to answer a call, another one can. Additionally, if you have offices spread across states and countries, you can forward calls to those areas during certain hours. Again, this makes sure that if your office is closed or busy, another team can answer calls. The key is to make your business accessible so that customers don’t have trouble reaching you. At the same time, effective call distribution will ensure that your employees are not overwhelmed with overflowing business calls.

You can use tools like Call Recording, Analytics, and Call Tracking to improve and strategize. Recorded calls can help train new employees and act as a refresher for current employees. You can also identify good and weak sales tactics, or conduct performance analyses based on how agents behave on call. Call tracking and analytics can provide insight into important call stats and metrics like:

  • Number of calls occurring over a day, week, or mont
  • Average handle times (AHT)
  • Customer effort score (CES)
  • Average speed of answering (ASA)
  • Queue times
  • Where incoming calls are coming from, etc.

Use this information to retrain agents or streamline marketing efforts, all with the end goal of refining customer relations.

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