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American Businesses Are Trending Away From Foreign Call Centers

American Businesses Are Trending Away From Foreign Call Centers

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Studies show American customers prefer local customer service through local call centers

DELRAY BEACH, FL, July 17, 2019

Recent data has shown American businesses are currently opting for local call centers, after previously choosing to outsource customer service overseas. This is what Global Call Forwarding has just concluded in their research on American consumers and their preferences and habits in regards to their experiences with local and international call centers.

According to these findings, they have determined companies should examine the pros and cons before choosing to outsource customer care solutions. Data suggests that outsourcing call center solutions can have a serious impact on US-based businesses, both economically and in regards to long-term company perception. However, outsourcing still stands as a viable option for many companies in need of an economical call center solution.

“In today’s competitive global marketplace, communication between businesses and customers is essential. Without a local point of contact, your business may be at a disadvantage, costing you sales and growth,” stated Thierry Genoyer, CEO, Global Call Forwarding, “There’s an affinity between a call center operator who can identify with you on a very basic level – i.e., proximity and geography – that creates trust. And that trust bleeds over into trusting the company itself because the customer’s needs are met.”

Furthering on the information they have procured, Global Call Forwarding has come to the understanding that Americans are growing increasingly more satisfied with the abilities of local call centers. This can be a matter of distance in geography, culture, and being able to communicate clearly when there is a problem. While trends show outsourcing has a more negative impact on the customer service experience, this sort of reaction is not simply just about a language barrier. It’s about a distance gap – both perceived and real.

Global Call Forwarding has been providing global business phone solutions for over 22 years in the telecom industry, and their services are tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals that require robust communication services. Therefore, their knowledge and experience in the telecommunication industry give them a better understanding of effective quality assurance.

Their research has found that customers leave more positive reviews when speaking with a local customer service center in comparison to outsourced customer care. In this case, although, it is a greater expense to hire a local call center team, the overall effectiveness is evident. For businesses, this would mean serving their customers and consistently ensuring they can provide them quality service at all levels.

In contrast, it’s safe to say foreign call centers are not going anywhere. The Philippines, which has surpassed India in regard to its number of call centers, has become the “call center capital of the world.” There are a variety of reasons for this, and much of it has to do with dissolving the language barrier that occurs when communicating across borders. “The English spoken by Filipinos is closer to Americans than in India. Our culture is very similar,” stated Fred Chua, a Manila-native and call center owner. In regards to the nuances of communication, Chua elaborated with: “We don’t yell on the phone often. We’re very customer-centric.”

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