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Global Call Forwarding Research The Future of Telecommunications in 2020

Global Call Forwarding Research The Future of Telecommunications in 2020

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Research shows that the telecom industry will change as a result of the introduction of the 5G cellular network.

DELRAY BEACH, FL, August 2019

Findings show that the expansion of technology used in telecommunications, the use of the internet, and changing consumer behaviors all attribute to changes in the telecommunications industry within the next few years. In this informational release, Global Call Forwarding concludes findings that offer insight into the future of telecommunications and what changes people in this field can expect by 2020 and afterward.

According to our findings, to stay relevant and establish continuous growth, businesses within the telecommunications industry should be prepared for the changes ahead. This includes embracing industry interferences by instilling customer-focused network services to adapt to changing consumer behaviors. Without making these vital changes, businesses may be at risk of being surpassed by industry players who’ve made changes accordingly to better serve their clientele.

Most notable of the predicted changes that will affect the telecom industry in the next few years is 5G. According to the New York Times, the introduction of the 5G cellular network “is going to be the biggest shift in telecommunications since the invention of the cell phone.” This wireless system network promises numerous features and operational improvements like better speeds, faster downloads, and minimal data transfer delays. But, not only will this network aid with improved communication, but it will also help users better connect with their technology. Some examples include self-driving cars, sensory-equipped vacuum cleaners, and Bluetooth products.

According to Investopedia, Since 2016, “mobile operators and telecommunication equipment companies around the world were hard at work developing the technologies and hardware systems required to bring the fifth generation of mobile networking to market.” With all the major cellular companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and even Apple jumping on board the 5G train by 2020, telecom organizations need to get on board as well. To prepare for the speed and capabilities of the 5G network, the industry must be willing to integrate this new network into its current operations. And, offer this service at a price comparable to competitors. This may mean investing in a change of capital equipment that doesn’t increase overall costs enough to affect the customer’s end pricing.

Global Call Forwarding is a blossoming leader within the telecommunications industry that has already jumped ahead by offering wireless integration within their services. Essentially, Global Call Forwarding provides virtual phone numbers, toll numbers, and local area code numbers that are integrative to any smartphone, tablet, or even computer. This leaves landlines, a.k.a. copper wiring, in the past, as new technologies emerge in the business world. Thus, creating a way for fluid unification of a business phone number to the new 5G network.

Along with virtual phone numbers that can work across the innovative 5G network, Global Call Forwarding pairs their service with the option to add many unprecedented features. Hence, allowing any organization or individual already invested into the 5G network to take advantage of the features they already know and love from their legacy phone systems. And, the capability to utilize these features right from their advanced smartphones. Mentioned by NBC News, 5G will offer three main advanced features including “Faster speed…shorter delays…(and) increased connectivity.”

To conclude, it’s safe to say that any business within the telecommunications industry that doesn’t take into account the changes coming as a result of the 5G network will be at a clear disadvantage. Certainly, the introduction of this new wireless network provides unlimited room for the telecom market to grow. However, without stepping on board this growth and integrating necessary infrastructure, telecom businesses will likely remain stagnant.

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