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United World Telecom Launches New Website

United World Telecom Launches New Website

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United World Telecom’s new website features improved features and upgraded order processes to better serve their global clientele

Delray Beach, FL, November 13, 2018

Telecommunications provider United World Telecom has announced the official launch of www.unitedworldtelecom.com, which replaces www.uwtcallback.com as the corporate website for the company. The website includes a wealth of modern features aimed to improve the customer experience. Among these includes a more visually-appealing display, enhanced content to inform prospective buyers on location-specific services, and upgraded order processing for a more efficient checkout.

The change is part of United World Telecom’s agenda to modernize their infrastructure in order to meet the demands of businesses and to stay competitive in a growing telecom marketplace which, according to reports from MarketWatch, has been booming. Similarly, Future Marketing Insights has projected similar growth, with VoIP-related telecommunications services reaching $204.8 billion by 2020.

According to United World Telecom’s CEO Thierry Genoyer, the change has been part of the company’s efforts to accommodate its growing customer base. This is a necessity in today’s business climate to remain competitive with the latest developments in tech, particularly in regards to the needs of customers across all industries and to support the overall customer experience. “We seek to provide our customers with telecommunications solutions that make sense. So, it follows that our website was due for a revamp, especially in the UX/ UI area,” stated Thierry Genoyer.
For international businesses looking to increase their global presence, virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom offer a number of key benefits for organizations looking to expand their operations and increase their customer base.

These benefits include replacing a physical presence, as virtual phone numbers allow businesses to contact customers across international borders. Virtual phone numbers eliminate the need for a physical brick-and-mortar presence. By leveraging these numbers, businesses can take advantage of the growing trend of “virtual offices” and “virtual locations,” where clients no longer need to have in-person contact with a company representative. Instead, phone calls serve as direct communication, where the rest of the business transactions serve to provide goods or services through an app, a fully-integrated website, or another ordering method. “We’re part of a trend of revolutionizing how people do business in more efficient ways, no matter where they’re headquartered,” says Genoyer.

Normally, calling internationally can provide a number of obstacles, such as being blocked by a foreign service provider or being charged hefty long-distance fees for the ability to connect international callers. Similarly, toll free numbers that are dialed without the caller being located in the country (or numbering plan) are charged for the call – which defeats the purpose of modern toll free phone numbers. However, with VoIP powered “ITFS numbers” from United World Telecom, these calls can be completed across country borders while retaining the “toll free” intent of the subscriber.

Virtual phone numbers enable businesses to easily establish virtual presences across the world, in any specific market that makes sense for their businesses. This can be a significant competitive edge for emerging startups, which may be low in capital but eager to enter the global marketplace. By leveraging the newest tech, startups can now gain competitive ground through United World Telecom’s solution to cross-border commerce and localization efforts.

About United World Telecom and Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding is the leading telecom provider of virtual phone numbers for business, serving thousands of contact centers around the world. GCF was launched in 2007 as an exclusive brand of United World Telecom (UWT). UWT was founded in 1996 in Delray Beach, Florida, as a global telecommunications provider.

The company has a physical presence in the United States, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America and serves SMB and enterprise clients worldwide.

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