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Global Call Forwarding Launches New User & Role Management Feature

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Global Call Forwarding launches a User & Role Management feature to manage user access to your phone service.


Global Call Forwarding launches a new User & Role Management feature that enables customers to create new users and roles, and assign specific permissions to these roles within the Global Call Forwarding account.

This highly customizable feature is designed to meet a business’s specific needs. With these permissions, customers can enable or disable users from viewing and modifying different aspects of their phone service account.

Furthermore, by distributing roles and organizing access, customers can protect sensitive data and information. Users are only given access to the items they need to successfully perform their jobs. And as their teams and departments grow, customers can create and modify roles to meet their evolving needs.

How Do These New User Roles Work?

These new roles provide each user with their own level of access across the Global Call Forwarding Control Panel. By default, every account will have these four main roles:

  • Super Admin: Has access to everything and can create and manage new users and roles.
  • Admin: Has access to all permissions but cannot create or modify new users and roles.
  • All Email Notifications: Only receives email communications from GCF and does not have any Control Panel access.
  • Billing Email Notifications: Only receives invoice-related email communications from GCF and does not have any Control Panel access.
  • Custom roles: Besides the above default user roles, the Super Admin on each account can create custom roles and provide “Modify” or “View” permissions for various aspects of their service, such as:
    • Ordering new service lines
    • Phone number and phone line-related permissions
    • Outbound calling and outbound phone line-related permissions
    • Billing and Payments
    • Support Tickets
    • Customer Reports
    • Integrations
    • Emails

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Additionally, in this new update, all newly created users will also have the 2FA option and the ability to change their passwords from the Account Settings menu, for added security.

About Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding is the leading telecom provider of virtual phone numbers for business, serving thousands of contact centers around the world. GCF was launched in 2007 as an exclusive brand of United World Telecom (UWT). UWT was founded in 1996 in Delray Beach, Florida, as a global telecommunications provider.

The company has a physical presence in the United States, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America and serves SMB and enterprise clients worldwide.

Contact: Luke Genoyer
Phone: +1 (561) 908-6171
Email: luke@unitedworldtelecom.com

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