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*67 Meaning and How it Works

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Since the sixties, we’ve been using caller ID to track who calls us on our phones. Even throughout the ever-advancing phone technology in the last few decades, caller ID has yet to fail us. Or, even change at all, making it still a simple and everyday tool. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But, even if you’ve been using telephones throughout the ages, you may still be confused about how you can hide caller ID settings to mask your number from showing on outgoing phone calls. Fortunately, there’s a long-standing tool that allows you to block your caller ID, so you show up as calling from an unknown number, fast and easily. This tool is as simple as dialing *67. In this article, we discuss how to block your own number from showing on someone else’s caller ID with the simple use of this tool.

How and Why to Use *67

Basically, the only thing you have to do to use *67 is to dial those three digits before punching in any number you’re about to call. This is a completely free, easy to use method that works for any phone number. Even if the number is an 800 toll number, you can put *67 before the number to hide caller ID information on your outgoing calls. When your call goes through, the receiving end’s caller ID will show your number as “private.” So, if you’re wondering how to call back a number that just called you without them knowing you’re calling, this is the simplest and fastest way.

Block Your Caller ID Permanently

It’s important to note that *67 only works to hide caller ID information on the phone call you use it for. So, if you want your number blocked on every call, you’d have to punch in those three digits before dialing out every time. However, if you want your caller ID information withheld on all your phone calls, you’ll need to block your number permanently. If you have a cell phone, simply call your wireless carrier to ask how to permanently block your phone number from caller IDs. But remember, if you do this, it may be irreversible. And, your phone number will show up as “blocked” or “private” from now on.

Using *67 for Landlines Only

Sure, caller ID hasn’t changed much in the past few decades. However, our mobile phones definitely have. As a result, you may find that *67 doesn’t work on your smartphone devices, only on your landline phones. Fortunately, if you have either an Apple or Android smartphone, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure your phone calls are blocked from showing caller ID information.

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How to Block Your Caller ID on Apple Phones

To make a call displaying “unknown number” with your Apple phone, you’ll need to change some settings. Go to:

  • Settings
  • Click on “Phone”
  • Then, “Show Caller ID”
  • Finally, select the on/off option for showing your number

How to Block Your Caller ID on Android Phones

Just like with Apple devices, to call from an unknown number with an Android Phone, make some setting changes that include:

  • Go to your Phone App
  • Click the menu button
  • Then hit “Settings”
  • Finally, go to “More Settings”
  • Click on “Show My Caller ID” to change the options

Closing: Getting Around Having Your Number Blocked

Are your customers calling you back with *67 to find out who you are? Are you tired of having your business number blocked? It may be time to start using virtual toll free numbers for your business. With toll free numbers, you can call your customers from a number they’ll trust because most consumers know that toll numbers are owned by reputable businesses. Plus, toll numbers are recognizable as they are completely customizable by you! So, instead of blocking your number or never answering, toll numbers will provide your customers with a number they can remember.

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