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1-800 Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers were created to give callers the opportunity to reach business or other individuals without incurring a charge for the call. The called party, also known as the toll free subscriber, is the individual or business that must pay for the call. This is the opposite effect of traditional telephone calls.

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Toll free numbers are provided by Responsible Organizations, also known as RespOrgs, that are certified by a database administrator who verifies the availability of each number. The world’s largest collection of 1 800 toll free numbers is available for purchase from With markets in both the United States and internationally, provides toll free numbers to thousands of clients, including individuals and businesses.

Advantages of 1 800 Toll Free Numbers

Many businesses can especially benefit from using toll free numbers, but these advantages can extend to individual users as well:

  1. More accessibility to potential clients, employees and other business colleagues
  2. Enhanced professional image with an official telephone number
  3. Provides a one stop telephone number that is simple and easy to remember
  4. Offers free calls for customers, gaining trust and good will
  5. Can lower business costs rather than accepting collect calls
  6. Simple and easy to set up
  7. Affordable system even for small businesses

A company can get a 1800 number and use it for international communication to the benefit of both the business and the individual. Prior to the use of toll free numbers, people would need to pay high rates in order to call businesses in other countries. Now, however, companies have the ability to expand globally and offer free calls to their customers, a benefit that can entice more clients.

In addition, a 1800 phone number can provide useful privacy options. Corporations can conduct business through this private, official line. Their customers can rest assured that the toll free number is a direct line to the business without fear of getting a wrong number or a re routed call.

Privacy Options

The business using the number can enjoy the benefit of caller identification services, providing information about each call received. This can help companies track errant or prank callers, as well as monitor their general business transactions.

Although the toll free number may be the main link to the heart of the business for customers or associated businesses, 1800 phone numbers can also be forwarded to other numbers or telephone services. For example, messages and calls can be sent to individual cell phones, landlines or even other extensions within the business, all from the original toll free number.

Individuals or businesses hoping to buy 1800 number from can choose from a variety of toll free prefixes:

  • 1 888 toll free numbers
  • 1 877 toll free numbers
  • 1 866 toll free numbers
  • 1 855 toll free numbers

Toll free numbers have really revolutionized the business world in terms of how companies communicate with clients. Customers recognize the ability to call toll free businesses at no cost to themselves, and they are more inclined to utilize those companies, even internationally.

What Is a Toll Free 800 Number?

A toll free 800 number is an essential part of call forwarding, a solution leveraged all over the world by companies looking to gain access to a number local to the region to which they are catering. With over 80 countries to choose from, call forwarding is sometimes referred to as call diverting, and is ideal for situations involving geographically separated work forces who demand mobility.

Created as an alternative for firms looking to expand their global footprint at a cost-effective price, these local or toll-free numbers can efficiently redirect incoming calls to any phone line in the world.

Be Global with a Local Presence

Say your organization is physically located in the Philippines yet your customers live within the United States. When you utilize a toll free 800 number and you can receive calls on a phone line that is consistent with the area code of other lines actually present within the region.

In essence, it gives you the competitive edge of having a local feel, while your company is located thousands of miles away.

International Communication

Toll free 800 numbers give you the power to get your calls even if you are not in the same country as your regular telephone. International communication has become much more reliable thanks to toll free 800 numbers. This is because it allows people to call a toll free number in their home country and contact someone in a completely different country at no cost to them. This makes a great deal more communication available that previously was not. Thanks to toll free 800 numbers, more people can be connected around the globe.

Before 1 800 toll free numbers were available, people would have to pay extremely rates in order to call a business that was in a different country or a different calling area. Because of this, businesses had less international customers than they do today thanks to toll free numbers. Business are able to go global and open up their markets to many more people than was previously possible, thus allowing them to make much more profits than ever before. Thanks to 1 800 toll free numbers, the globalization of businesses has become greatly facilitated.

Local Ringtones and Advanced Features

Global Call Forwarding encompasses a designated ringtone for every single local or toll-free phone number that is easily customizable according to individual user needs. Incoming calls received via the local phone number can even be forwarded to more than one phone number at the same time, ensuring that at least one of the ringing numbers will pick up the incoming call before the caller becomes frustrated and hangs up.

In addition, incoming calls can be sent directly to specific phone numbers depending on the time of day or even the actual day. This in turn helps customers located throughout different time zones in the world to receive the help they need in as little time as possible.

Customized voice messages are also part of Global Call Forwarding, and can help businesses to establish a professional image when greeting customers.

While Global Call Forwarding packages vary from provider to provider, a 1 800 toll-free number is an essential element to this system that must always be included. Additional capabilities include rollover minutes, interactive voice response (IVR), public branch exchange (PBX), sequential forwarding, black and white lists, forward fax, voicemail to e-mail and account management.

‘Toll-free numbers are very common and have proven successful for businesses, particularly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing, as it provides potential customers and others with a ‘free’ and convenient way to contact businesses,’ the commission added.

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