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grasshopper alternatives
Grasshopper alternative

What to Look for in a Grasshopper Alternative

Grasshopper has been supplying small businesses with virtual phone systems since 2003. Their virtual phone systems cater to entrepreneurs and small business owners, allowing users to separate personal calls from work calls. Grasshopper’s service also enables small businesses to establish a presence on a national scale with some international calling options.

One of the top Grasshopper alternatives, Global Call Forwarding, offers cloud communication solutions to businesses in more than 160 countries. Our clients include multinational corporations, contact centers, financial services, healthcare organizations, and more.

Here is what you should look for when considering an alternative to Grasshopper:

*Note: Costs and information mentioned in this article are current at the time of publishing and may be subject to changes.

1. Offshore and International Coverage

Grasshopper offers virtual business phone systems mainly within the North American region. They provide offshore and limited international coverage in 50+ countries with added fees (more on this later) and restrictions. To activate global calling on your Grasshopper account, you have to wait more than 60 days.

Other providers, like Global Call Forwarding, provide small businesses with virtual communication tools in more than 160 countries instantly. Additionally, international calling is accessible upon purchase with Global Call Forwarding. So, your business can connect with customers in different target countries.

View our Country Coverage page to see the extent of our global voice coverage.

2. Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper’s lowest plan starts at $26 monthly. This price includes toll free numbers, local numbers, and other features. But, it does not include outgoing offshore (i.e. outside the United States) or international calling. To enable international calling, you must submit a $500 deposit. The deposit is then used as a call credit for all your international calls. Once this credit is depleted, outgoing international and offshore calls are billed on a per-minute basis.

The lowest inbound plan at Global Call Forwarding starts at $7.95 per month with over 30 included features and services. You can add outgoing calls, also known as outbound calling, beginning at $25 monthly. With this option, you can affordably expand your network to a global scale.

3. Plan Options with Free Trials

Grasshopper has three different selections with the option to be billed monthly or annually. You can try out any one of these plans free for 7 days with Grasshopper. On the other hand, Global Call Forwarding offers five selections with additional options for outbound calling. This allows you to thoroughly customize your account according to your company’s needs. Additionally, you have the option to test a plan with Global Call Forwarding for up to 15 days so you can be sure it’s the right plan for you.

Choosing the Right Grasshopper Alternative

Both Grasshopper and Global Call Forwarding offer virtual communication solutions. However, when deciding which to choose, you need to carefully consider the different services they offer compared to the prices charged. You also want to determine the extent of coverage each company has because this will help your business expand seamlessly in the future.

It is also important to see if those services and prices are suitable for your needs and budget. Additionally, both offer free trials that let you test them out.

To learn more about how Global Call Forwarding can help boost your business’ communication, contact us today!

Grasshopper vs Global Call Forwarding

Grasshopper Global Call Forwarding
Lowest plan $26 / month $7.95 / month
Number of plans available 3 5
International numbers offered 50+ countries 160+ countries
Free Trial Yes (7 days) Yes (15 days)

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Global Call Forwarding is one of the top Grasshopper alternatives. While both companies offer similar services, you need to choose one that works for your business’ exact needs. Check out our customer stories to see how our customers use our services. Or, chat with our representatives to learn more about how we can help your business easily upgrade its phone system by switching to Global Call Forwarding.

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