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What is a DID Number? Definition and Benefits

what is a DID number

Learn how having a DID number for every department in your office can help streamline business communication and call management. Here we explain how DID numbers work, what these numbers are used for, and their many associated benefits.

What is Direct Inward Dialing (DID)?

A DID number works within a business’ cloud phone system and allows callers to ‘dial in’ to a specific phone number. In other words, callers can dial a direct number to reach a specific person or department instantly without the need for an operator.

How Does a DID Number Work?

Local and international DID numbers work through a direct inward dialing (DID) facility that enables calls to be routed directly to any phone number or global SIP destination. They are not tied to any physical phone line

Most modern businesses — especially medium-to-large enterprises — use DID numbers in some way or form. This telecom facility gives them unique contact numbers for specific departments or employees. As such, your business can have an international DID number for support, sales, marketing, and other functions.

What is a DID Number Used for?

DID numbers can take a simple phone system and give it added functionality and benefits. In other words, you can expand your business phone system by adding international DID numbers.

Calls made to DIDs can be routed to any network; including to remote workers and satellite offices. All your employees, teams, and business locations are, therefore, bound into one private branch exchange.

This way, you can increase the chances of calls being answered and ensure business continuity.

8 Ways Your Customers Benefit from DID Numbers

There are multiple benefits of using DID numbers for your business. These benefits range from support for scalability to tracking calls to saving on communication-related costs.

1. Scalability

Your business can have multiple unique DID numbers spread across various departments and teams. Add new numbers and lines without additional equipment. Scale your network up or down as your business grows without worrying about wasting money.

2. Cost-Savings

Expanding your business with international DID numbers is cheaper compared to legacy telecom carriers. Reduce costs up to one-third by switching to direct inward dialing.

3. Reachability

By dialing a DID number, your customers can quickly reach the right department. They can get the assistance they need without dealing with a receptionist or response system or waiting in a call queue. This helps your business manage high call volumes.

4. Call Tracking

When you use specific or unique DID numbers for each department and/or employee, you can track incoming calls, time spent on calls, and other metrics with call detail records. Use call analytics to track and improve productivity and quality. You can even track return on marketing investments by assigning numbers to marketing campaigns.

5. Global Expansion

You can get a DID number for global expansion. This means your business can expand internationally without establishing a physical presence. Here you can save on global expansion costs and still increase your international coverage. Furthermore, your customers can evade long-distance calling charges to reach you.

6. Access to Advanced Features

Take advantage of our full set of communication features including call forwarding, cloud call recording, hosted IVR, outbound calling, and more. Use these features to create an efficient business phone system.

7. Multichannel Communication

Open up new communication channels such as voice, fax, text messages, voicemail, and fax.

8. 24/7 Customer Support

Provide 24/7 round-the-clock customer service by adopting a Follow the Sun customer support model with location- and time-based routing. This way, your global customers can find support in their region, time zone, and language.

Finding a DID Number Provider: 10 Things to Consider

Open your business up to new avenues and growth opportunities with a DID provider. When looking for the right provider, consider these questions:

  1. What do you need the DID numbers for?
  2. How many international and local DID numbers will your whole company need? Consider satellite offices, remote workers, etc.
  3. What regions and countries does this provider cover? Are these regions included in your list of target countries?
  4. What additional features does this provider offer? Are these features customizable?
  5. Can your business benefit from these features?
  6. Does the provider offer multiple pricing plans?
  7. Do you need to sign a long-term contract to use their service?
  8. Are there any set-up, installation, or cancellation fees? Check for hidden fees.
  9. What are their current customers saying about their service?
  10. What is their customer service response rate? Are their support teams easy to reach?

Research each provider thoroughly. Look through their services and features. Read the content on their blog or customer stories to see how their features work in practice and in your field. Read case studies, testimonials, and reviews to understand how customers have used their service. Review different providers’ pricing structures to understand what the industry expectation is and compare that to your budget.

Once you have gathered all the information, choose the provider that is the most transparent and reliable.

Get DID Numbers with Global Call Forwarding

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