DID Numbers

Dedicated phone numbers for your PBX system.

DID phone numbers
DID phone numbers

What is a DID Number?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a business phone service that offers a set of telephone numbers for calling into a firm’s PBX system. These DID numbers help you route calls to your existing telephone lines. Your business can provide customers with a personal number for each employee or workstation. And you can do so without having to run a physical line into the PBX of every possible connection.

For instance: A company might rent 100 phone numbers over eight physical telephone lines. This can allow no more than eight active calls at any given time. The extra inbound calls will acquire a busy tone until one of these calls is completed.

The cloud PBX is designed to automatically switch a call for a specific phone number to the appropriate workstation in the office.

The Intricacy of a DID Number

International DID numbers appear as normal geographic landlines or mobile telephone numbers. But in reality, it is a service that forwards any callers that dial that particular number to a VoIP device, landline, or mobile in a different location.

How Does a DID Number Work?

The main distinction between a physical phone system and a virtual phone system is that virtual systems make use of an already existing phone, so businesses do not have to specially purchase, install, or maintain expensive phone hardware. All you need is a reliable DID number provider and one main DID number, while employees are assigned their own respective extensions.

Thus, when a customer contacts your company by dialing its business line (DID number), the IVR answers the call. Then, it transfers the caller to the extension of the desired employee or department.

A potential customer can contact a DID number in one country. And when the call forwards, they may end up conversing with an individual in a completely different country. This way, DID numbers make communication widespread and affordable.

How DID Numbers Can Benefit Your Business?

DID numbers come as a blessing for companies wanting to expand their business cost-effectively. In such cases, international DID numbers can be a major asset to your business. You can use these numbers for customer service or as helplines, as they allow customers to contact your business or service without any charges.

check Cost-effective
Not only does it help to make things less costly for customers, but companies can get in touch with every other branch and their associates overseas at affordable rates.
check Global presence
Due to the cost-effectiveness, small businesses can establish a worldwide presence.
check Local presence
Companies can project the image that they are an active part of the local business community without moving their branch there. Not a bad deal!
check Flexible call forwarding
Forward calls to telephone lines, voicemail, or even a smartphone app.

The Advantages of DID Numbers

call management

Possessing a local or international DID number can prove to be beneficial in a variety of ways.

  • You can make use of the DID number for voice connections as well as for fax and voicemail. Direct inward dialing will help to save up on the cost of a switchboard operator.
  • Calls go through at a much faster rate, and callers feel they are contacting a person rather than a company.
  • You can conveniently establish a local presence in any location you choose. This helps customers to get in touch with you for the cost of a local call.
  • Companies with multiple international locations can significantly cut costs by using a DID number.

Get International DID Numbers

You can get DID numbers from an international DID number provider. Global Call Forwarding can help set you up with phone numbers from different countries across the globe. Therefore, if you require local or international DID numbers for your company or business, feel free to contact us. We will leave no stone unturned in providing you with the best packages that will help boost your business productivity.

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