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Cloud-based contact center solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Call Center Software as a Service
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What is Cloud Contact Center Software?

A cloud contact center is a cloud-based business phone solution with a comprehensive suite of tools, features, and services to support business communication. Such a solution can be used by contact centers and service teams in organizations of all sizes and in different stages of growth. Any business that needs advanced call management, reports and analytics, the ability to offer multichannel support options, etc., can use a cloud call center.

Affordable Pricing for Businesses of Every Size

We offer various pricing plans for our virtual phone numbers and advanced services. These plans are suitable for businesses of all sizes and with different needs. Each plan comes with monthly minutes, an additional per-minute rate, and a comprehensive set of call management features. Get advanced features for a small additional rate.

What Do You Get with a Cloud Contact Center Solution?

With a cloud contact center solution, you get to:

  • Route calls effectively: Use various advanced call routing strategies to ensure no call goes unanswered or missed.
  • Integrate multiple channels of communication: Access voice, video, email, chat, and messaging in one unified platform
  • Forward calls internationally: Break through geographical boundaries and forward incoming calls to wherever you and your teams are located
  • Integrations and apps: Use our softphone app on any device to transform it into a business powerhouse.
Cloud Contact Center vs On-Premise
  Cloud Contact Center Traditional Contact Center (On-Premise)
Cost Low monthly costs Low-medium monthly costs
Set-up No set-up needed; no fees Set-up needed; fees
Features Wide range Limited features
Control Hosted by the provider; business manages settings Operated and managed on-site
Hardware No hardware or equipment needed Physical space and equipment needed
Maintenance Provider is in charge of system updates and maintenance Your in-house teams are in charge of system updates and maintenance
IT Support No professional IT experience needed Professional IT team needed to run the system
Scalability Scale as needed Limited scalability

Features of a Cloud Contact Center

call management

Cloud Phone Numbers
Extend global coverage and support with local and international numbers from more than 160 countries globally. Meet your customers where they are!

International Call Forwarding
Forward calls to offices or employees anywhere in the world. Offer global customer support, no matter where your offices are located.

Call Routing
Route calls automatically based on predetermined rules such as time, location, and skill. Reduce the number of calls that go unanswered or missed.

Softphone App
Download our web dialer on any device to make and receive business calls with your business phone number(s). Convert any device into a business powerhouse.

Hosted Call Recording
Record and store important business calls for up to six years. Use recordings to protect and save customer information, learn about customer patterns, and conduct performance reviews.

Call Logs and Activity Reports
Keep track of incoming and outgoing calls and study customer behavior and preferences.

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