What do small business owners, realtors, and college students have in common? The answer is that many of them use Kall8 toll free number service. With Kall8 you can get your own personal toll free number. The numbers are provided by a single company, and you can search the national toll free database to find the number you want.

All U.S. and Canadian numbers can be set up to ring anywhere in the world; you can change the ring-to number settings at any time. You can usually set up a Kall8 account within five minutes. There is no need to sign a complicated long-term contract, and you can cancel your service at any time. You will be required to pay a transfer fee if you port your Kall8 number to another service provider within the first 12 months of service.

Your Kall8 toll free number allows you to:

  • Choose where your Kall8 number is routed to and change it at any time
  • Schedule where your Kall8 number rings at certain times of the day or certain days of the week
  • Have Kall8 take voicemail messages for you and listen to them or have them forwarded to your email account
  • Record all calls so you can replay them later to check for quality and details
  • Route calls to your nearest location relative to the caller
  • Purchase international toll free numbers to boost your business image
  • Obtain vanity numbers
  • Receive detailed monthly bills

Online Control Panel

You can control all of your Kall8 features easily using the online control panel. This allows you to instantly add or remove features, store your frequent ring-to numbers, maintain call history reports, get real-time information on your callers, assign different campaign names and numbers to each of your advertising campaigns, and listen to all of your recorded calls.

Kall8 Additional Features

As well as toll free numbers and the features mentioned above, there is more to Kall8. Here is some more information on their additional features:
Information emails: Each time someone calls your Kall8 number, you will receive an email notification. The email will include the caller’s ID, the number the call was rerouted to, the date and time the call was made, and the length of the call. You can receive all of this information even if you don’t record your calls.

Voicemail: Each time you send a call to voicemail, you can receive the recorded message in your email as a .wav file. As well as regular calls, you can also send blocked calls to voicemail. You can easily set the number of rings before a call is sent to voicemail and calls will be sent there without your phone ringing first so that you won’t be disturbed.

Conference calls: Kall8 voice conferencing allows you to communicate with up to ten people at any time, for any call duration. You can set up a conference call whenever you like, without having to schedule it in advance.

Follow me service: This service enables you to instantly redirect your calls, wherever you are. Whether you want calls directed to specific personnel or your office, car, cell phone or hotel room, you won’t miss a call.

Vanity numbers: A vanity number is a toll free number which incorporates an easy-to-remember sequence of numbers, which will help your customers to recall your business number. For example, you’ve probably heard of 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-TAXICAB, which are two of the most famous examples.

Kall8 Enhanced Services

Kall8 also provides optional enhanced services for an additional charge. These include:

  • Virtual PBX: This service allows you to merge your Kall8 calls with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The IVR can contain a range of menus, extensions, and greetings.
  • Lead Management: With this option, you can restrict or distribute calls to clients based on your own set of rules. You can also make rules for repeat calls. Lead management reports highlight the number of incoming calls that were made and the number that were missed by each team member.
  • Call Recording: You have the option to record every incoming call. You can also choose to record only a select sample of calls.
  • Payphone Blocking: Just one click will allow you to block all calls from payphones so that you don’t have to pay the mandatory 60 cent charge for receiving a payphone call on a toll free number.
  • Hunt Groups: This feature allows you distribute incoming calls through several different numbers. You can route the calls to the numbers sequentially or in a specified order.
About Kall8

Kall8 was originally established in 1993 as what was then a telecom design firm that specialized in custom data and voice applications, call recording, and call analysis. Over the past decades, Kall8 has developed into a worldwide telecom carrier that offers a basic service as well as custom enhancements.

F A Q | 213 Area Code

Kall8 is a phone service provider and offers traditional 800 number service with a complete set of online tools to manage and track your toll free numbers.

Yes, Kall8 offers voicemail & fax as included features.

Yes, Kall8 does offer vanity numbers.

Kall8 also offers Virtual PBX Integration, Lead Management, Call Recording, Payphone Blocking, and Hunt Groups.

While both are excellent services, Global Call Forwarding offers the highest call quality in the industry, more extensive features, lower rates, premium features, rollover minutes, and many other benefits.

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