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How SMS Forwarding Works

What Is SMS?

In recent years, SMS appears to be replacing phone calls to a large extent. People are making fewer calls and spending more time on their phones messaging to friends, family, colleagues, or business associates. We are here to answer the question, How SMS Forwarding Works.

Gone are the days when you could spot a good number of people talking on their phones on the bus or in the train. These days, everybody seems to be staring down at their phones rather than have them at their ears.

SMS is the abbreviation of Short Message Service. It can be referred to as a means of communication that allows you to send text messages between phones. The “short” in SMS simply refers to the maximum size of each text message which is 160 characters (symbols, letters, numbers consisting of the Latin alphabet). For other languages such as Chinese, the maximum size is 70 characters.

SMS/text messaging is very cheap or free in some cases, which is one of the reasons why it has become the preferred means of communication. Many telephone networks offer SMS as an additional feature to go with voice call subscription plans.

SMS is a very reliable means of communication when you are in a very busy and crowded place like bus stations or at concerts. It is a discreet means of communication especially when you are trying to pass across important information and you do not wish to be overheard.

How Does SMS Work?

Your phone is constantly sending and receiving information through what is called a “control channel” whether you are on a phone call or not. This control channel acts like a tracker which is constantly identifying what cell tower your phone is near and is able to track your phone as you change towers. While you are busy going about your daily activities, your cell phone is constantly exchanging packet data which keeps your phone connected to the control channel.

This information exchange between your phone and the control channel is why you are able to receive phone calls. Your phone rings as a result of a message which is sent to your phone when an incoming call is detected. This system of information traffic is why you are also able to receive text messages on your phone. When your friends and colleagues send you an SMS, the message passes through the SMSC to the control tower which then sends the message down to your phone as a packet data. The same process is repeated when you send messages to another phone. A SMS will usually feature a data format including a timestamp, message length, sender, and destination phone number.

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SMS Forwarding

SMS forwarding is a service that allows you to forward incoming SMS to your email or directly to a phone number that has been designated as the receiving number. Global Call Forwarding is a service provider in which subscribers can sign up for a virtual number that enables them to receive forwarded messages from country specific numbers or internationally directly to their email. SMS forwarding is fast becoming the new communication trend that appears to be attracting more users for both business and personal use.

Business Use

SMS forwarding for business use is just as important as call forwarding as it makes you more accessible to mobile communication anywhere in the world. This service allows you to receive SMS from your clients and customers in an email format. SMS forwarding serves as an alternative means of communication through which your customers can reach you.
While call forwarding is great for customers who prefer to make voice calls, SMS forwarding is an alternative for customers who prefer to send text. You can simply get an SMS forwarding number for your customers through which they can make reservations, bookings, and provide feedback.

Personal Use

SMS forwarding allows users to have a virtual number for the sole purpose of receiving text messages. SMS forwarding feature can be applied to a number of personal uses. For instance, some users subscribe to virtual numbers that are enabled to receive text messages for confirmation codes.
SMS forwarding allows people to receive text messages from friends and family from another country.

How Does SMS Forwarding Work?

It is important to know how SMS forwarding works. When text messages are forwarded to the SMS virtual number you designate, that same text message is sent to an email address that has been assigned by the subscriber. For example, if your business associate who lives in the U.S. sends a text message to your U.S. SMS forwarding number, you will also be able to receive the text message in email format.

SMS forwarding subscribers can get virtual numbers which will allow them to receive text messages from specific countries. The SMS forwarded in email format will include the sender’s ID and timestamps. Subscribers will be able to access all the details about their SMS such as date, time, and content by logging into their online portal on the website.

You can assign your receiving email address within the control panel of your online account. Global Call Forwarding will allow you to set up an online profile on their website where changes can be made on SMS features to suit your preference.

Subscribing To SMS Forwarding

Subscribing to SMS forwarding is the easiest part. The process is simple and straightforward and you can have your SMS forwarding service available to you in a matter of minutes.

Simply sign up with a call forwarding provider such as Global Call Forwarding. Select a country, state, and city, and your SMS forwarding number will be assigned right away. The next step will be assigning your destination number.

For most SMS forwarding services you will get a free trial period in which you will be allowed to become familiar with the services. The time limit is 7 days for individuals and 14 days for businesses depending on the number and destination chosen, if you are working with Global Call Forwarding.

Some services offer monthly plans, while others offer packages that are dependent on the volume of incoming text. There are also packages that are designed for enterprises with a huge volume of incoming text messages.

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