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Global Call Forwarding Partners with Allergan to Improve Call Center Support in Asia

Allergan Partnership

Global Call Forwarding partners with Allergan to improve call center support in Asia

Global Call Forwarding, a leading U.S. cloud communications provider, has announced its new partnership with Allergan to improve call center support in Asia using local DID phone numbers.

DELRAY BEACH, FL, September 2021

Allergan is a global pharmaceutical leader with commercial operations in more than 100 countries. It has a portfolio of leading brands that spans four key therapeutic areas: medical aesthetics, eye care, central nervous system, and gastroenterology.

Millions of people around the world rely on Allergan’s best-in-class products every day. Therefore, their ability to provide localized telephone support across international markets is crucial. However, Allergan’s telephone support operations are managed from centralized regional contact centers, which restricts their ability to provide local telephone support to their customers.

Their immediate requirement was to obtain local phone numbers in key markets, which forward the inbound calls to one of Allergan’s regional contact centers. Multinational companies in today’s hyper-connected digital economy are increasingly utilizing cloud contact center solutions like direct inward dial (DID) numbers to implement this solution.

According to the VP of Marketing and Sales at Global Call Forwarding, Bulent Erkaya, “Using direct inward dial numbers can be the most effective way to offer a local point of telephone contact in any foreign market. By integrating this solution, Allergan was able to significantly expand their global support coverage without seeing a drastic increase in operating costs. They activated DID numbers in many key markets, delivering much-needed telephone support and managing their operations from centralized contact centers.”

Companies with global sales and support operations are increasingly activating local phone numbers in countries where they need to offer telesupport. This makes it easier for international-based customers to contact these companies without paying for long-distance calls or dialing unfamiliar phone numbers.

Having a regional office in APAC for sales, support, and service delivery made Global Call Forwarding the ideal candidate for this partnership with Allergan.

In addition, Global Call Forwarding has the largest selection of local DID phone numbers in Asia. Their ability to provide phone numbers in unique, hard-to-get origination countries was also a major deciding factor.

By partnering with Global Call Forwarding, Allergan will increase worldwide access to customer support and improve call center reactivity while achieving significant cost savings.

This partnership will also strengthen the leading market position Global Call Forwarding holds, as it adds another major multinational corporation in the pharmaceutical sector to its clientele.

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