International toll free service (ITFS) numbers enable callers to make free phone calls to the ITFS subscriber. ITFS numbers are a very effective tool for sales and marketing because the service makes any business more reachable.

One of the greatest benefits of ITFS numbers is that customers from abroad can call your business without paying for the call. It doesn’t matter where your business is physically located because ITFS numbers forward calls internationally to anywhere.

Instead of the caller paying for the phone call, it’s the subscriber or business using that number who foots the bill.

Reasons to get ITFS Numbers

ITFS numbers have, over the years, become critical to many international businesses. They will make your business more reachable in foreign markets and can definitely increase your customer base.

The service is designed to make your business available at all hours of the day, with multiple features designed to manage incoming calls. The 24/7 availability of your business is of vital importance because you don’t want to lose out to your competitors.

In addition to increasing your customer base, ITFS numbers can take customer relationships to new heights. It goes without saying that today, the customer is king. By offering free calls, your company is available to provide support and you care about your customers.

There are many reasons to get ITFS numbers. The main reason is that ITFS numbers will increase your incoming call traffic. If your phones aren’t ringing, your business probably isn’t growing.

Global Call Forwarding offers ITFS numbers in more than 140 countries.

ITFS Numbers with Free Business Features

Global Call Forwarding provides this advanced cloud communications tool with free business features. When you get ITFS numbers, you have access to a suite of free advanced features like time-of-day forwarding, advanced IVR and auto-attendants. Additional features to benefit your business include call recording and voicemail.

Account settings are also easily manageable from your ITFS provider’s online portal with the option to quickly change rules pertaining to call forwarding, check voicemail as also pay your bills online.

You may also configure your ITFS numbers with an interactive voice response system (IVR) that will greet callers and direct them through a series of prompts. IVR can help your business manage incoming calls more effectively and project a more professional brand.

It also boosts efficiency and maximizes the productivity of employees and virtual call center representatives. When a customer calls your ITFS numbers, he can immediately get access to critical information before even speaking to an actual representative. This IVR facility directs all callers to the appropriate department, agent or service representative at the earliest and saves valuable time.

The IVR is not only easy to set up but makes use of audio prompts for requesting information based on voice input or touch-tone. This in turn, also makes way for authentication information and caller identification.

Enhancing Customer Relationships with ITFS Numbers

When you get ITFS numbers, your business is taking the first bold step to enhance customer relationships. Global Call Forwarding offers ITFS numbers in over 140 countries so your company can offer free calls in any market.

Customer relationships will be improved because their calls are handled more efficiently and routed to the appropriate department without unnecessary hold times. This, along with the calls being free, leads to enhanced customer satisfaction. Customers are happy to save time and money.

ITFS numbers help keep your customers satisfied at the end of the day, which obviously puts your business in a better position.

There are also features designed to enhance customer relationships with ITFS numbers. The call recording feature helps you maintain productivity standards and agent quality and also to settle disputes faster from credit card companies or customers. You not only get to record all incoming calls for reference and security purposes, you can also listen to the calls on demand and download recordings for quality assurance and training purposes.

An Affordable Cloud Based Business Communications Tool

The service is cloud-based and it does not require any expensive equipment for operations and maintenance. Incoming calls can be answered on your mobile phone or landline, and the number settings can be managed online. This helps you save a great deal of capital expenditures.

Your company can also test various markets with minimal risk. Global Call Forwarding does not charge activation fees and you will not be asked to sign a contract. ITFS numbers can be cancelled at any time.

The international toll free service is a much more effective alternative than setting up a physical office space. The required investment and risk to get ITFS numbers is so minimal that you are doing your business a disservice by not subscribing.

Global Call Forwarding can provide you a free consultation to better determine the cloud communications needs of your business.