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Drive Up Sales for Your E-Commerce Business with Outbound Calling


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Maintaining the sales growth rates can be overwhelming as businesses of different kinds go through high and low periods. But as an owner, you must ensure that your e-commerce business has the right tools to keep the rate steady, if not growing. Outbound calling is one such communication service that can help you reach and maintain the standards you set for the business.

Why Your E-Commerce Business Should Consider Outbound Calling

Outbound calling service is a virtual communication service offered by Global Call Forwarding. This service works to boost your outgoing call rate and supports your sales strategy. It enables you to call potential, recent, and recurring customers to offer customer support. Therefore, businesses that already have a large outgoing call volume or want to increase their outbound calling rate should consider this service.

If you get outbound calling alongside your virtual phone number plan from a cloud-based communications provider like Global Call Forwarding, then you will be able to route calls over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. This lets you expand your e-commerce business’ reach and connect with neighboring cities, states, and countries without having to worry about long-distance calling rates. You can interact with international customers without having to relocate.

Customize Your Caller ID

Global Call Forwarding offers this service with a customizable caller ID option. This means that you can display matching caller IDs of areas you are calling. For example, say you want to expand your business to Dubai, Mumbai, and London. If you purchase local or toll free numbers for these cities, then you can display their specific caller IDs when calling them. And so, when individuals receive your call, they will recognize a local or toll free number instead of a random international or “unknown” number.

Prospects are more likely to answer calls from numbers and calling codes they recognize. Additionally, they won’t hesitate to call back because they won’t be charged extra for calling a local number. And, they won’t be charged at all for calling a toll free one. This is how outbound calling can help you connect with new target groups, pitch your product, and generate more sales.

What Can You Achieve with this Service?

Besides merely selling to new prospects, you also want to satisfy your existing customers. Believe it or not, these are the customers that have the potential to form a fanbase for your service and recommend it to others. And, they can become recurring customers who use your service time and again because of good customer service and credibility. So, what are some ways your e-commerce business can use outbound calling to provide customer support?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Welcome new customers
  • Generate leads through warm and cold calling
  • Verify customers and sales
  • Follow-up on purchases or inquires
  • Offer membership programs
  • Offer specials and promotions
  • Follow-up on abandoned carts or failed orders
  • Send out reminders for renewals and payments
  • Collect surveys and feedback

Get Outbound Calling

Getting outbound calling for your e-commerce business is simple. Find a provider that offers the service for a price that matches your budget. Watch for any additional features or tools that they provide as well. Global Call Forwarding offers outbound calling with call recording with each of our plans for a small additional fee.

To get the service, simply sign up for a new business number or port your existing number on our homepage. From the optional features, choose “Outbound Calling” and add it to your plan. Finalize your purchase and you can activate the service in less than a day. To learn more about our outbound calling service, call us at 1 (888) 908 6171.

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