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A Review of Global Call Forwarding

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Upon building a loyal national customer base, expanding internationally may be the next logical step for a business and communicating internationally is a necessity for many organizations to compete in today’s global market. With that in mind, companies such as Global Call Forwarding have made it their sole focus to streamline the process for both the companies who wish to purchase the service and the customers and clients with whom the international companies communicate. We will review Global Call Forwarding and put them into perspective.

Aspects to Consider When Expanding Globally

Companies aim to expand into international markets for a variety of reasons. It could be to increase the exposure of their brand in new markets and to tap into that market’s wide consumer base. This decision could also be based on the notion that the company feels there is talent within the target country with a high level of expertise, which could aid the company in improving upon certain products and/ or services. Whatever the case may be, in order for a company that is branching out into an international market to be successful, there is a lot of work to be done prior to officially launching the brand in the new market.

The scope of the work could include extensive research with regard to the following factors in relation to the specific target country:

  • Laws related to running a business within the target country
  • Local customs
  • Common marketing and advertising practices
  • Business-related costs
  • Tax codes
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Employment laws
  • Import/ export guidelines and specifications
  • Language
  • Packaging standards
  • Local competition
  • Possibly finding local partners
  • Hiring locals

These are just some of the things that a company should consider when weighing out the pros and cons of moving into a new international market. With all of that in mind, the one thing that remains a constant top priority in research and in growing a business of any kind in any market is the need for reliable communication.

Useful Features: Where Both Brands Come in

After completing a review of Global Call Forwarding, one of the variations in offerings is that Global Call Forwarding offers SMS Forwarding, while does not. SMS forwarding is a feature that allows for incoming SMS messages to be forwarded to a predetermined email address that has been selected by the subscriber. Customers get an SMS enabled virtual number to receive incoming text messages from a specific country in their email inbox. SMS forwarding is the next step for a business owner to make in increasing accessibility for mobile users.

A review of Global Call Forwarding has also found that Global Call Forwarding offers outbound calling plans during the order process, while others do not. Global Call Forwarding offers rollover and a free trial, while other offer neither rollover minutes or a free trial. Both of these are important factors, in regards to convenience and when making a commitment.

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Upon further research, a review of Global Call Forwarding revealed that Global Call Forwarding advertises virtual number services in over 150 countries, with virtual numbers currently available for purchase in 137 countries. On the other hand, another company currently advertises virtual number services in over 120 countries, with virtual numbers currently available for purchase in just 45 countries through others. This is a significant distinction.

Global Call Forwarding Review

Other differences discovered upon a review of Global Call Forwarding include:

  • A customer is able to order multiple numbers at a time with the use of a shopping cart feature on Global Call Forwarding’s website, while others do not offer a shopping cart feature and a customer is only able to order one number at a time.
  • Global Call Forwarding offers 1-800 United States toll free numbers in addition to 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 toll free prefixes, while another does not offer 1-800 United States toll free numbers.

With regard to pricing, a review of Global Call Forwarding also points to the fact that Global Call Forwarding offers competitive quotes for anyone who receives a better quote from Toll Free Forwarding. If a customer receives the offer of a better deal from others, Global Call Forwarding’s sales team can be contacted at 561-908-6171 or 888-908-6171 and the sales associate will send a customized quote that is more competitive directly to the customer.

After completing a review of Global Call Forwarding and examining the breadth of offerings and the level of convenience offered by the two companies, it is clear that Global Call Forwarding is the preferred choice. Of course it depends on a business’ individual needs, however, the purpose of this information is to assist business owners with results of a review of Global Call Forwarding to aid in making a determination of which company will better suit their needs.

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