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Tone Of Voice Matters on Phone Calls

tone of voice on phone calls

The tone of voice that you use over the phone may be making or breaking your business. If you’re in a business that deals with customers over the phone, you …Read More »

Where Did All The Pay Phones Go?

where did pay phones go?

It is 2018 and everyone you know besides your 2-year old niece owns a smartphone. Your 2-year old niece probably has a tablet, though, and she only uses it for …Read More »

Keeping Healthy When You Work 9 to 5 In An Office

Keeping healthy with good food

Typically, office environments aren’t conducive to healthy living. If you have an office job, you probably know how easy it is to remain desk-bound, staring at a computer screen all …Read More »

How To Get A Second Number for your Cell Phone

how to get a second phone number

You’ve heard the saying before, “don’t mix business with pleasure.” So why do so many people run their businesses from their personal smartphones? Working from one solo line may work …Read More »

5 Reliable Ways to Impress Your Customers

Not every business is a success overnight, although it may seem that way. Behind these “overnight sensations” is most likely a hard-working entrepreneur or team that has taken an idea …Read More »

Are 1800 Numbers Free?

are 1-800 numbers free?

There is sometimes a fear surrounding 1800 numbers that you may be charged a fee for calling their number and using their services. If you purchase an item or use …Read More »

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