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Maintaining Customer Service Phone Numbers Worldwide

Global Call Forwarding (GCF) provides our clients with toll free numbers in over 140 countries. GCF forwards calls and maintains the lines for local access for business discussions and customer …Read More »

In Iraq, Distinguished Phone Numbers Can Cost More than Gold

What’s in a phone number? For those living in Iraq, there has been a scramble for attaining phone numbers that reflect on someone’s status. Some “distinguished phone numbers” in Iraq …Read More »

7 of the Largest Call Centers in the United States

7 of the largest call centers

Call centers are centralized facilities that handle hundreds or thousands of inbound calls every day. With call centers, organizations can communicate effectively with potential customers, current customers, and partners in …Read More »

Amazing Data Centers Around the World

amazing data centers

What makes a data center amazing? It could be size or whether the data center has an environmentally friendly, green design. Aesthetics like beauty, uniqueness, or coolness could make it …Read More »

Debt Collectors Have to Follow FDCPA Rules

Whether you owe a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands to a debt collector, you may be on the receiving end of some frustrating phone calls. Unfortunately, this is …Read More »

The Samsung Galaxy X is a Foldable Phone Coming This Year

samsung galaxy x

Foldable phones are the latest technology we’ve seen in phones, and Samsung looks about ready to launch the most anticipated version later this year. The Samsung Galaxy X has been …Read More »

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