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Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Business

Over the past several years, business phone systems have grown more advanced and complex. Traditional multi-line phone systems are now being replaced with more digital and cloud communication solutions. This is where a cloud phone system comes into play. These solutions present greater flexibility to businesses and remote workers, while promising quality and cost-savings.

Why Get a Business Phone System with Global Call Forwarding?

When you choose Global Call Forwarding as your cloud phone service provider, you get many services at affordable rates, with no installation fees to worry about. Our easy-to-use service does not need extra hardware or equipment.

Affordable Pricing for Small Business Phone Systems

We offer multiple pricing plans suitable for businesses of different sizes and needs. Choose from five different phone number plans with included minutes and an additional per-minute rate. Ask us about our flexible payment options so you are comfortable with how you pay for your service.

What Can You Get from Our Business Phone Systems?

Improve business communications with an easy-to-use and reliable service. With a cloud business phone system from Global Call Forwarding, you can get…

check Cost-Savings
Reduce costs spent on unnecessary equipment and hardware by converting your computer or laptop into a business phone and connecting to the internet.
check Increased Flexibility
Keep local and global teams connected from any location and device. Improve flexibility and work productivity.
check Improved Connectivity
Get high-quality voice service for low rates. No more dropped calls or mumbled audio.
check Advanced Features
Choose from a variety of features and services from call recording to cloud IVR to advanced call routing tools.
check Global Coverage
Extend your business’s global reach and enter new markets virtually with international numbers and international call forwarding.
check Centralized Communications
Keep all important business communication in one platform which can be accessed from any device and location.

Call Management Tools for Distributed Teams

call management

A cloud business phone system comes packed with features and services to not only improve voice quality and global coverage but to also keep distributed and remote teams connected. Whether you run a start-up or want to expand your small business’s reach, you can use these tools to:

  • Make customer support more reachable
  • Enter new markets without worrying about overhead costs
  • Offer global customer support in different languages and time zones
  • Increase your business’s digital presence
  • Grow your business at a comfortable pace.

Interested in streamlining your communication system and choosing a more modern solution? Speak with our experts at Global Call Forwarding. Call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 or chat with us online now!

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