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There are numerous reasons that businesses choose to buy China virtual phone numbers. With a population of more than a billion people and purchasing power that comes second (in the world) only to the United States due to the currency system, China is now positioned as a global business leader. China is also embracing a culture of consumerism, making it an ideal time for businesses to offer their goods and services to consumers using China virtual phone numbers. We will compare China virtual numbers providers.

As you shop for virtual number providers, you’ll need to compare the features offered by the top companies. In the following article, we will provide a comparison of China virtual phone number providers. In it, we’ll be exploring the competitive advantages of Global Call Forwarding when compared to other providers.

First and foremost, two critical features that are only available through Global Call Forwarding are SMS Forwarding and the option to select outbound calling plans during the ordering process. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the importance of these specific features.

SMS Forwarding

China is a tech-savvy nation, and to say that mobile technologies are popular would be quite an understatement. Just as there are more than a billion people living in China, there are more than a billion cell phone subscriptions, and these numbers have been steadily trending upward since 2014.

Texting is a worldwide habit, but it’s not often that we think of the technology behind texting and ways in which SMS messaging can benefit business owners and consumers. SMS stands for short messages service, and this service does more than send temporary messages that can only be received under ideal circumstances.
SMS messages are stored in a system that allows texts to be received when your mobile phone is off or out of range. You may not receive your message immediately, but they will be there when you have your phone turned on with a signal.

Furthermore, SMS messages will alert you to important notifications that will help you better serve your clients and customers. If someone leaves a voicemail, it can be forwarded to your phone as an SMS so that you can immediately be made aware that someone is trying to reach you.

In the digital age, integration is a key feature of innovative technologies. SMS forwarding eliminates the limitations of incompatibility by working with the most popular operating systems, which are Android and iOS. To stay connected with mobile phone users for business purposes, you can send out bulk text messages to multiple leads at once to share your latest deals and promotions. This will keep your company relevant and increase the likelihood of obtaining new customers.

Toll Free Forwarding doesn’t offer the option of SMS forwarding as part of their services. Think of how much longer it takes when your business can’t rely on SMS messaging to conveniently send texts to multiple customers. Because mobile phone owners are highly likely to open these texts, Global Call Forwarding doesn’t want you to miss out on this opportunity for increased visibility and staying connected to business leads.

comparison of china virtual number providers
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Outbound Calling Plans

The option for purchasing outbound calling plans as you order services will allow you to customize a more comprehensive plan for your business needs without the complications of buying these plans separately. Outbound calling plans can have a significant ROI because sales conversations increase by 15% each day due to this technology. When leads are contacted within five minutes, they are 100 times more likely to show interest and become a customer.

Being that China is in a transformative phase towards becoming more consumer-driven, operating strategically will give your business a competitive edge by showing customers that you offer convenience and high-quality services to enhance their daily lives.

By utilizing your outbound calling plan as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll have deeper insights when analyzing the best ways to reach customers virtually by gathering their feedback and tracking the conversion rate of outbound calls. Testing various outbound calling strategies further allows you to gauge how well your staff communicates with customers.

In summary, having the option to choose outbound calling plans during the ordering process helps you create a customized plan with convenience and at a more affordable price as you and your team find the best methods for connecting with possible customers and keeping them engaged. When utilizing the other websites, there’s no option for outbound calling plans during the ordering process, which can complicate the process of pricing and building your plan in advance. However, Global Call Forwarding does offer this option.

On the other websites, you’ll also notice there is no mention of the ability to change service plans after your purchase, rollover options, call transfer features, or carts for multiple orders. Global Call Forwarding does give customers the option to change and alter plans, which certainly comes in handy.

The Comparison

Our comparison of China Virtual Number Providers is meant to discuss the features that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a global telephony provider.

As a business owner, you need flexible options offered with transparency to suit your business needs. When comparing Toll Free Forwarding to Global Call Forwarding, there are some features that only Global Call Forwarding can provide. Give our sales team a call at 561-908-6171 or 888-908-6171 for more information.

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