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You can buy virtual phone numbers by comparing businesses like eVoice and reviewing the features available to decide which is a better solution for your company. Please take the time to look through the available features of each provider. eVoice is a call answering and routing service for small businesses. The service includes a number of features to help you run your business from any device wherever you are. It is easily customization for small to medium-sized businesses.

How eVoice Works

Once you have chosen a toll free number or a local telephone number, their service automatically connects all your calls to your eVoice number. The eVoice automated system greets your callers and routes them to the department or individual they are looking for, based on a customizable menu of extensions or a dial-by-name directory.

You can make the most of the service by choosing a number that fits your business needs. You can also keep your existing business number and port it to your eVoice account. Your calls can be forwarded to whichever number you choose, whether it’s your office, home, or mobile phone. The eVoice mobile app is suitable for Android and iPhones and will allow you to check your voicemail and text messages, as well as screen and forward calls. You can easily manage your account online using their could-based interface.

eVoice Phone Numbers: Key Features

  • No extras needed: When you sign up with eVoice, you will not need any additional telecommunications hardware or software to use the system. All you need is a phone with an active phone number.
  • No set-up fees: they have no set-up or connection fee. Once you’ve picked your plan, you can start using the service straight away. Some features, such as conference calls, call recording, and international numbers require additional fees.
  • Flexibility: You can switch to a different eVoice plan at any time. You are allowed up to three numbers for each active extension.
  • Portability: If you wish to, you can port your existing phone number to your eVoice account. If you have a toll free number you can port it out of eVoice if you decide to cancel your account. However, if you have a local number, this returns to eVoice when your account is closed. International numbers cannot be ported in or out of eVoice.
  • Simplicity: All you have to do to make calls with your number is log into the eVoice app on your mobile device, or log into your online eVoice account and use the Click-To-Call Now feature.
  • International calling: You can add as many international numbers to your account as you like, for a fixed monthly fee per number. You can also include your international numbers in your call-routing solution to make outgoing calls overseas for a per-minute rate.
  • Support: eVoice offers customer support 24/7.

Scheduling Your Calls

With eVoice’s call routing, you can set up a call routing schedule; a caller ID schedule, or a time-based schedule, allowing you to be in complete control of how eVoice directs incoming calls to you. You can configure your eVoice settings to find you wherever you are and route calls to your office, home, or cell phone, so you’ll never miss your important business calls. Scheduling features include:

  • 24/7 schedule: This is a simple schedule so that when you get an incoming call, all your numbers are dialed simultaneously or in an assigned order.
  • Caller-ID schedule: This schedule allows you to be reached either at certain times of the day or 24 hours a day at certain numbers, or where only certain callers can reach you.


If you’re running a start-up or small business, even though you want to offer the best customer service, your budget may not stretch to hiring a receptionist. But, at the same time, you don’t want to miss a single call. eVoice’s solution is auto-attendant. Auto-attendant answers every call in a timely manner and also combines a number of key features so you can rest assured that your calls will always be answered.

It’s easy to set up your auto-attendant. All you have to do is upload the script that you would like your callers to hear when they call your business. eVoice offers a professional voice artist to record your auto-attendant greeting. If you wish, they will also record the names and extension numbers of the rest of your team and/ or your company’s different departments.
eVoice also offers a live receptionist answering service, so your caller can speak with a real person. When you subscribe to the Live Receptionist plan, you can have a team of up to six trained receptionists take all your calls, make appointments, and answer your customers’ questions.

About eVoice

The eVoice telecommunications service is owned by j2 Global, Inc. It was the world’s first large-scale internet voicemail system. The company was established in 2000 and re-launched in 2010 with a new suite of features. As well as eVoice, j2 Global offers a range of cloud-based solutions including Onebox, KeepItSAfe, FuseMail, eFax, and Campaigner.

* eVoice and the eVoice logo are registered trademarks of the eVoice. Global Call Forwarding is not associated with eVoice in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.

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eVoice is a company like Global Call Forwarding that offers virtual voice communication features. This service is suitable for individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups.

A eVoice offers international phone numbers along with a variety of virtual on-demand voice communication features for business use.

Virtual communication features offered by eVoice include:virtual receptionist, auto-attendant, call routing, voicemail, SMS, call recording, and more.

Global Call Forwarding is a great alternative to eVoice. Global Call Forwarding provides businesses with virtual numbers as well as advanced communication features in more than 160 countries.

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