Local Termination

Enjoy high-quality local and international calling with our outbound calling service.

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Guaranteed Local Calling

Local termination ensures your business can reliably make outbound calls to long-distance and international customers using local in-country routes. By traveling through local routes, these calls are guaranteed to terminate locally while showing a local caller ID. Remove communication barriers when doing business internationally by making it easy for your teams to connect with global customers..

Local Termination and Local In-Country Caller IDs

With Local Termination from Global Call Forwarding, easily place local and international outgoing calls using local phone numbers and caller IDs for different target countries.

How it Works

A powerhouse combination — local termination and outbound calling ensures your business can communicate comfortably through your business phone network, no matter where teams or your customers are located. As a cloud-based solution, these calls travel through the internet and in-country networks, eliminating geographical boundaries while providing high call quality.

Benefits of Local Termination

Here’s how your business can use and benefit from outbound calling and local termination

check Global coverage
Connect with customers in more than 160+ countries.
check Call Quality
Send calls through the highest quality routes, ensuring crystal clear voice.
check Number format
Use accurate in-country phone number formats and codes.
check Response rates
Reduce barriers by using recognizable local caller IDs.
check Pricing
Enjoy competitive and cost-effective rates for international calling.
check Scalability
Expand to new regions and countries with low overhead costs.

How to Get Local Termination with Global Call Forwarding

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To benefit from local termination, you can get our Outbound Calling service along with local phone numbers for your target regions.

  1. Visit our Outbound Calling Solution page.
  2. Choose a plan; we offer five different plans.
  3. Enter your contact information.
  4. Select your new outbound phone number(s) to appear as outgoing caller IDs.
  5. Add premium services like Call Recording.
  6. Submit and wait for activation.

Manage your outbound lines and caller IDs through the control panel or the GCF softphone. Learn more in our outbound calling resources.

We also offer CRM and help desk integrations so your teams can centralize business communication and optimize productivity.

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Our global communication experts can help you build a phone system that best matches the needs of your growing business. Learn more about our local termination solution and global coverage. Call us today or chat with us online; we’re here to help!

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