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Companies of all sizes are starting to record business calls for a variety of reasons. But the main purpose of recording calls is for record-keeping, to keep track of your clients and their information. And so, if your business deals with important customer information or conducts online transactions, utilizing a call recording software is a good idea to store information to be accessed in the future.

Recording Business Calls

So, why are companies choosing to record business calls? With a call recording software, you can record incoming and outgoing calls and review them in the future, if a need arises. But that is not all that recording can achieve. You can also record calls for:

  • Performance analysis: review recorded calls to identify strengths and weaknesses. Use recordings for training new employees to meet company or contact center standards.
  • Compliance purposes: maintain compliance and meet the requirements of various regulations like MiFID II, GDPR, and Dodd-Frank.
  • Liability protection: use recordings as evidence against threatening lawsuits and protection for business and personal liabilities.
  • Record-keeping: store and access consumer data and information and transaction details, especially during high call volume periods.

Call Recording Software for Businesses

You can record company calls in a variety of ways, such as manual recording through recorders or call recording software. While recorders seem like a good option, they do not always record in the best quality. Additionally, they only have limited storage space. A recording software, on the other hand, will record and store high-quality recordings with more storage options. And you can get such a service along with your virtual phone service for a much cheaper rate.

To start recording phone calls, you must first purchase the feature from a phone service provider. We recommend a web-based communication provider like Global Call Forwarding as they store recordings on the cloud while offering other useful calling features such as call forwarding, unlimited extensions, customized greetings, outbound calling, etc. Record up to 100% of inbound and outbound calls and store them as MP3 files for up to 6 years.

Record-Keeping with Global Call Forwarding

By recording calls, your business can organize tasks and improve productivity. And they can do so while maintaining compliance wherever needed. Get Call Recording today or contact our customer support to learn more.

How to Record Business Phone Calls

Takes About 2 minutes
What you need to record business phone calls
Necessary Items:
Computer or Smartphone
image step 1
Pick a virtual phone service provider
Research phone service providers to find one suitable for your company and your budget. Global Call Forwarding offers high-quality service at reasonable prices for businesses of every size.
image step 2
Begin the sign-up process
Visit the website and sign up for a new business number or port/transfer your existing number to us.
image step 3
Select your new numberr
On the left-hand side, select the country and number type desired. For example, if you want a US toll free number, select “United States (+1)” from the list of countries and from the next dropdown, choose “Toll Free.” Then, select your new number from the available options or port your current number.
image step 4
Enter a destination number.
In the next section, “Forward Incoming Calls To,” enter the destination number where you want incoming calls forwarded to.
image step 5
Choose a suitable plan
Click on “View Rates and Try for Free” to browse through plans offered and pick one that suits your needs.
image step 6
Add Call Recording
Scroll down to add the Call Recording feature to your phone plan for a monthly fee of $3 plus an additional 2¢ per minute.
image step 7
Enter your contact and payment information and check out
Finally, enter your name and other required information. Follow through to check out and complete your purchase. Businesses have the option to make use of a free trial.
image step 8
Activate your service and start recording calls
Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email saying that your number is ready to use. Now, you can log into the control panel and start recording calls on your new business number. Simply click the “Record” button next to the selected line you are calling from.
How To Get Started
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