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How to Call a US 800 Number from Mexico

How to call a US toll free number from Mexico [2022]

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Calling a US Toll Free Number from Mexico

Mexico is the 3rd largest trading partner of the United States, behind Canada and China. Because of its close proximity to the United States and advancements in IT access, Mexico is an open and welcoming market for US products and services. People in the United States also purchase goods from Mexico. In fact, the United States has a trade deficit of approximately $50 billion!

This means that the United States buys more goods from Mexico than it sends. There are opportunities for trade between US and Mexico businesses, and you can get a US toll-free number to take advantage of these opportunities.

In 1994 Canada, Mexico, and the United States signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to create a trade bloc in North America. The goal of this agreement was to facilitate trade and investment between the three countries. Trade between Mexico and the US benefitted in particular because US 800 numbers connect businesses in Mexico with US customers.

Since 2010, American trade with Mexico has grown by nearly 30 percent. Both importers and exporters will benefit when they buy US 800 numbers.

How to Dial a US 800 Number From Mexico

Every business that operates in Mexico should buy US 800 numbers so that their employees can easily call US headquarters. Communication is vital in today’s business environment, and professional contacts should be able to reach your business. Dialing a US 800 number from Mexico is easy:

  1. Dial 001
  2. Dial 880 for 800, followed by the phone number.

This process is simple and inexpensive. By encouraging communications, the operations of your business are streamlined. Buy US 800 numbers and your operations will run more smoothly.

US 800 Numbers Help Attract Customers in the United States

US 800 numbers can make it easier for a company in Mexico to do business with US customers. When a business advertises a US 800 number on its website, they increase the likelihood of incoming calls from US customers by 30%. This is because US 800 numbers are more convenient to dial than a local Mexico phone number.

Your business is more inviting to US callers when you provide a US toll-free number. Call forwarding services will automatically route incoming calls from the US to a destination phone number in Mexico, or anywhere else in the world.

A business that advertises US 800 numbers also appears more professional. Most successful businesses utilize toll-free numbers because a 1-800 phone number is more appealing for foreigners to call than +52 followed by a string of digits. US toll-free numbers are an inexpensive marketing tool for a Mexican business looking to sell its good in the United States.

Operating in Mexico

Cheap labor made China the #1 destination for US companies looking to outsource their manufacturing in the 1990s. The cheaper Yuan, China’s official currency, made Chinese labor more affordable and it made raw materials easier to buy. However, wages in China have been increasing in the past few years. Businesses need alternative countries to outsource their manufacturing.

Relatively low costs paired with high quality and fast response times have made Mexico a prime manufacturing location. According to Forbes, manufacturing costs in Mexico are 20 percent lower than in China. A large portion of U.S. manufacturing already takes place in northern Mexico.

Large Companies Are Moving to Mexico

Many successful businesses have already moved their factories. While experts were unable to determine the official tally of businesses closing plants in the United States, a significant number of firms have moved their operations to Mexico.

For example, United Technologies recently opened a plant in Monterrey, Mexico, with a US toll-free number. Numerous other large global companies have successful manufacturing operations in Mexico, including GM, IBM, 3M, and many others.

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F A Q | Mexico Numbers

To call a US 800 toll-free number from Mexico, you’ll first need to dial Mexico’s exit or dial-out code (00), then the US country code (+1), the toll-free prefix (800), and the 7-digit subscriber number.

Yes, you can call a US 800 toll-free number from outside the US. However, you’ll be charged international calling rates. Toll-free numbers are assigned to a specific country. And they are free for callers to dial from within that country only.

Since US toll-free numbers are free for US callers to dial, they encourage customers within your target countries to contact your business for sales and support.

You can get US toll-free numbers from a toll-free number provider like Global Call Forwarding. We offer phone numbers for more than 160 countries including local and toll-free US phone numbers.