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How To Make a Private Call

how to make private calls

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Almost every smartphone can detect who is calling, and more recently landlines have been able to do the same as well. But what if you want to how to make a private call? Is there a way to hide or block your caller ID when making calls? The answer is yes.

“No Caller ID,” “Scam Likely”: What Are Private Calls?

One way to display caller ID is to save contacts of people you know on your device. This usually applies to family and close friends and any other important people or businesses. However, that is not the only way caller IDs work. Most phones will also be able to notify you of the caller’s ID if their business or organization is registered. This way, you almost always know who is calling you. But what of those “No Caller ID,” “Private Number,” or “Scam Likely” calls?

Most phone carriers notify you about potential spam calls by displaying “Scam Likely” when you receive a suspicious call. Android users who have their “Caller ID and Spam Protection” on can see information about callers and business numbers not in their contacts. This is enabled to warn them against potential spam callers. Global Call Forwarding has a feature called “Black and White Lists” which allows you to white list (approve) and black list (block) calls.

However, private calls are made by hiding one’s caller ID. This is when a person or business willingly hides their contact information to ensure a call goes through. In some cases, this may work even if they are on the caller’s no-call list. This is usually the route taken by telemarketers doing illegal business or angry exes or creepy stalkers trying to get in touch with you. It is safe to ignore these calls as anyone important will leave you a voicemail to get their message across. If you think it may be important, it is also possible to call-back a restricted call.

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How to make a private call
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How To Make A Private Call: Block Your Caller ID Permanently or Temporarily

There are a few different ways to hide or block your phone number from being displayed on the receiver’s screen. Let’s look at how to make a private call either on your own or through your phone number provider.

You can temporarily deactivate your number to make it appear as a private number by dialing ‘*67’ before the number you are calling. For example, if you wish to block your ID when calling 698-334-5647, dial *676983345647. Calls made this way cannot be called back. However, you must contact your phone service provider to block your ID permanently by requesting a line block. Before you do this, remember that when you block your number permanently, it cannot be reversed. It is important to remember, however, that calls made this way remain traceable by police services.

Hide Your Caller ID Through Your Phone’s Settings

The other way to mask your caller ID is by turning certain phone settings on or off. Most Android phones and iPhones provide caller ID settings. Below is the process of how to make a private call from an Android phone and iPhone. Note, however, that the process varies depending on the phone’s model and software version.

To block your number when calling from an Android phone:

  • Go to the ‘Phone’ app
  • Tap ‘Settings’
  • Then, click on ‘Call’
  • Tap ‘Additional’
  • Select ‘Caller ID’
  • Select ‘Hide number’ or ‘Show number’ to turn the Caller ID on or off

To hide your number when calling from an iPhone:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Tap ‘Phone’
  • Then, click on ‘Show My Caller ID’ and turn it on or off

For Business Reaching International Clientele, Local Numbers May Be A Better Option

Users generally hesitate to answer calls that display “Private Number.” If you are an international business trying to expand your clientele and are choosing to contact them by hiding your foreign number, we may have a solution for you. Global Call Forwarding has local numbers in over 140 countries which are meant for local and international businesses. Purchase a local number for the country or state you want to extend your business to. A local number will make your customers more comfortable with answering a call from your business because it is a number they recognize. Don’t get lost in all the “Private” or “Scam Likely” call your prospective client is receiving. Purchase a business number from Global Call Forwarding today and stand out among the virtual crowds!

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