LiveAgent VoIP Integration with Global Call Forwarding

Bring your call center software and Global Call Forwarding phone service together with this LiveAgent integration.

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Centralize Communication with LiveAgent VoIP Integration

As a Global Call Forwarding customer, you have access to our cloud communication solutions. We’ve built our service to work efficiently with other business applications such as help desk software, PBX, and CRM services.

Set up this help desk integration in just a few clicks. No coding or developers needed!

With our LiveAgent integration, you can add Global Call Forwarding numbers to your LiveAgent account, giving you essential telephony functionality — all in one place! Benefits of using the Global Call Forwarding and LiveAgent integration:

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  • Easy deployment — start calling in minutes
  • Seamless call management — handle communication in one place
  • Call logs and history — gain insights into your team's performance
  • International calling — improve connection rates with a local caller ID
  • Advanced features — access a wide variety of cloud calling features

What Can You Do with the LiveAgent VoIP Integration?

Connect your LiveAgent and Global Call Forwarding services together to streamline business communication and improve caller experience.

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Clickable links within your help desk to make place calls efficiently

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Call Logging

Add key call details such as call dates, summary, notes, and more

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Automatic Data Synchronization

Access and integrate information between both LiveAgent and GCF seamlessly

Make & Receive Calls through your Help Desk Software

Easily place and answer calls from within LiveAgent instead of switching platforms. All numbers within the platform are clickable. So, with click-to-dial, teams can call customers with just one click, improving efficiency.

Centralize Communications and Save Time

Create new contacts, quickly call customers back, assign and qualify leads, and resolve tickets while on call. Always be on the same page as your customers.

Log Calls Automatically

With automatic data synchronization, make important notes and track opportunities by logging your calls directly in the help desk platform. Edit your notes, tags, and contact records to update all customer interactions in real time.

Review Call History and Recordings

Need to review past conversations? Or evaluate call traffic? Access call history, customer notes, recordings, and more to get a full view of caller interactions. Managers can easily see call activity between leads and sales or support reps.

Access International Calling

Establish a local presence and connect with customers in over 200 countries with international phone numbers from more than 150 countries. View the available countries on our Country Coverage page.

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How to Use the LiveAgent VoIP Integration?

To use the LiveAgent extension, you need to be an existing customer of Global Call Forwarding and must activate the option for Global Call Forwarding in the LiveAgent platform.

All you need to get started is:

  • Global Call Forwarding Outbound Calling plan — Basic or higher
  • GCF SIP credentials
  • LiveAgent subscription

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