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Is it Hard to Open a Virtual Office in Singapore?

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Before starting your own business in Singapore, try minimizing your overhead costs by opening up a virtual office first. Although it is no easy task to start your own business, virtual or not, there are perks to choosing a virtual office. For some business owners and entrepreneurs, it might be easier to build an office from scratch in Singapore. While others might find that they can work out of a virtual office in Singapore and save on expansion costs. So, what does it mean to open a Singapore virtual office?

Working from a Virtual Office in Singapore

In order to choose the right option for your business, you must first weigh the priorities of the company. If your company can survive while you work remotely, then opening a virtual office is the best option for you. In Singapore, businesses must register with an office address. However, it is very simple for a virtual office to rent a business address while remaining remote. If you are considering the idea of opening a virtual office in Singapore there a few key things to keep in mind:

1. A Business Address

As previously mentioned, a business address is required for all companies doing business in Singapore. But in Singapore, it is all about location. You will find that the most trustworthy addresses will be located in a business district or located very near one. Having an address in a business district will show potential and current customers that your business is a thriving company that is aware of the established business network. Many corporations are located on Battery Road, Raffles Quay, Robinson Road, Clarke Quay, and Shenton Way.

2. A Call Forwarding Service

It is nearly impossible to communicate with foreign clients and customers through one company number. When expanding, it is important to note the characteristics of your future customers. If a customer in Singapore sees that the only way they can reach you is by dialing an international phone number and get charged international charges, they will hesitate and look for a local competitor instead.

At Global Call Forwarding there are many options available for Singapore virtual phone numbers as well as international call forwarding. You can get Singapore toll-free numbers and enable locals to call your business for free, irrespective of your location. These incoming calls from Singapore get forwarded to your office or customer service headquarters located anywhere in the world.

A business should always make communication more accessible for their consumer. Therefore, providing a local virtual phone number for your international customers will encourage more interaction from them and will establish trust.

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3. A Comfortable Working Environment

Since your teams will be working remotely for your virtual office in Singapore, it is essential that you create a satisfying virtual workspace. This means equipping yourself and your teams with the right communication and project management systems. Your work environment could make or break your productivity. The best kind of virtual office is equipped with the best technology, a phone line, a reliable WiFi connection, with faxing and printing capabilities.

4. Forwarding Your Mail

Once you have your business address, you can begin to receive mail. But since your office address will be virtual, you must set up a mail forwarding system. This is very useful when you are trying to manage multiple businesses overseas. You can set up the mail to arrive in one stockpile, on a weekly basis, or as soon as it comes in.

5. What Are You Willing To Spend?

Once you have decided on all of the items that you will need in order to start your own virtual business in Singapore, you can begin to narrow down your search to a few different virtual office providers. Create a budget and don’t forget to include the services that you might need that come with an extra charge, such as rollover minutes for Singapore virtual phone numbers. It all depends on your individual business and how fast the company grows. One service can be more cost-effective than the other based on your individual needs.

Open a Virtual Office in Singapore

While opening a virtual office in Singapore requires time, energy, and planning, it is a relatively simple task once you find the right virtual providers. Before you begin your research, remember to have an established plan of action and a list of everything that you may need. Once you have those things outlined, you can start your own virtual office in Singapore. Learn more about Singapore phone numbers by speaking with our representatives!

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