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Acrobits for IOS Outbound Calling Instructions


  1. Go to Apple Store and search for “Acrobits Softphone” (please note that this is a
    paid application)
    acrobits ios setup step 1 screenshot

  2. After you install the application and open it, you will be redirected to this part, you will need to fill the information with your credentials like: User name, password and domain.
  3. Please note that in order to create the account, you will need to enter a title, for in this case it will be “Tester”, then click on “Save”acrobits ios setup step 2 screenshot

  4. You will see the following information when your account is enabled and ready to make calls.
  5. Then click on “Settings”acrobits ios setup screenshot 3

  6. After clicking on “Settings” in order to make calls you will need to click on “Done”
    acrobits ios setup screenshot 4

  7. And now you are ready to start making calls!
    acrobits ios setup screenshot 5