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Looking to gain the most functionality out of your business phone system? Do you need a cost-effective, reliable method of communicating with international clients and associates? Are you seeking a convenient way to reach out to new clients in prospective markets? Then call divert with call forwarding may be the solution you need.

What is Call Divert?

Call diversion, also known as call forwarding, is a versatile phone service available from Global Call Forwarding. It enables users to redirect their incoming calls to another destination phone number anywhere in the world. Many successful businesses use call diversion because call forwarding services allow them to conduct their operations anywhere. You can have an unlimited number of phone numbers routed automatically back to your main number using call diversion.

Call Divert For Your Business

Successful businesses use call diversion in a multitude of ways to improve their systems of communication. The primary benefit of call diversion is that your headquarters can be stationed anywhere in the world. Your operations can thrive in any country when you buy a toll free number, without requiring a physical location. Call diversion enables a business to offer its customers a point of contact in a foreign country with ease and efficiency.

Customizable Features

Another advantage of call diversion with Global Call Forwarding is the advanced features included with the service. There are several ways to customize call divert when you buy a toll free number. The advanced features enable small and medium-sized businesses to have a phone system in place like most Fortune 500 companies.

Advanced customization using sequential forwarding is an excellent option with call divert to be able to answer every incoming call. You can also set up an Advanced IVR to greet callers with a professional answering system.

You also have the option of using features like voicemail to email and time of day routing with your number. These features offer greater functionality and greater management of your calls, allowing you to automate specific processes. With time of day routing, calls can be routed specifically based on the time of the day they are received.

Better Sales and Marketing

Call divert is a cost-effective tool for sales and marketing. With this versatile tool, you make your business available to prospective customers. You enable them to reach out to your business when you provide a local phone number. The high potential and relatively low cost of call divert make local and toll free numbers one of the most effective ways to expand your business.

Call Divert is Easy to Use

Call divert is very simple to use. The first step is to buy a local or toll free phone number. Global Call Forwarding offers the largest directory of virtual phone numbers, making it simple and easy to obtain them. We make it simple and easy to buy a phone number in just about any country. Once you buy a toll free number, you can configure your phone number to automatically divert calls anywhere in the world. All features and settings for your number with call divert can be easily coordinated using the user dashboard. If you need assistance, our customer support team can assist you with your account.

Get Call Forwarding from Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding is the world’s leading provider of virtual calling services. They offer virtual numbers in more than 140 locations globally, enabling efficient options for businesses and sales teams. For companies aiming for the highest level of communication, call diversion can be an excellent asset. Contact us today to learn more.

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