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India is a nation that welcomes most forms of foreign investment. It is among the fastest developing countries of the world with a strong economic base. India call forwarding enables businesses to forward calls to India, or redirect phone calls from India to anywhere in the world.

Apart from being the second most populated country globally, India is also the largest democracy in the world. Foreign companies willing to expand their market in India will find an ideal ecosystem for flourishing their business.

With favorable tax and investment policies in the country, the doors of India are wide open for international business firms. India is going all out to boost the magnitude of foreign investments. You can grow a massive customer base here once you are able to establish your trust and integrity among the masses.

Well, before you think of initiating a business, you need to establish a well-connected communication network for your customers. When you set up India call forwarding, you can control your trade from any remote location. Adding to the element of trustworthiness among your clients, you can reap fruitful benefits of seamless communication infrastructure.

Economic Overview of India

India can be termed as a newly industrialized country, moving ahead of the old moorings of an agricultural economy. Although agriculture forms the mainstay of the Indian economy, infrastructure, communication systems, IT sectors and manufacturing industries have also been progressing well and making giant strides. The recent ‘Make in India’ policy of the government has provided an unprecedented boost to foreign companies looking to invest in India.

India has cheap labor and the tax structure is low which means it makes sense for conglomerates to set up shop in this country.

However, you need to capitalize on the India call forwarding service to grow your business here. With a population of over 1.2 billion, it is an ideal hub of any foreign business firm. India’s GDP in 2016 summed up to over $8.7 trillion, with an impressive growth rate of over 7.5% in 2016.

Textiles, food processing, chemicals, steel, transportation, and various other industries form the backbone of the Indian economy. Companies looking to grow their business in the Indian market would do well to take advantage of toll free numbers with an India call forwarding service. It will impart authenticity and credibility to all businesses looking to establish their presence in the country.

What is India Call Forwarding?

Proximity plays a sterling role in influencing the purchasing decision of a customer. They want the company to be reachable at all times to be able to get their issues resolved or making any other inquiries. When you activate the India call forwarding service on your toll free number, these phone calls get automatically forwarded to the desired number. The structure of these numbers is identical to that of local or toll free numbers in India. The country code of India is 91.

India has over 25 million landline connections and more than 1011 million cellular mobile connections. These virtual business numbers are similar to the actual phone numbers of the country, which means that customers will be unaware of the location from where you are making the call. You can be operating from any country and still be able to communicate and address all their questions, in real time.

How Does India Call Forwarding Work?

Virtual phone numbers are not tied down to any landlines. When you activate the India call forwarding service on these numbers, they get directed to any chosen number. Therefore, when a customer dials the virtual number, the call forwarding feature directs the call to a remote call center or your handset.

These calls can be connected to any location globally through any handset. You can also simultaneously receive the call from different countries in case you have multiple offices across the globe. Since these calls are charged as per the local rates within India, customers will opine that you are operating from a local area.

Reasons to Set Up India Call Forwarding

If you are thinking of setting up an India call forwarding service, here are some advantages you can enjoy.

  • Enhanced marketing mechanism: Regardless of whether or not you are in India, you will enjoy an enhanced marketing strategy. Offshore companies can grow their business through a digitized system. All the calls will be forwarded to your desired location and number.
  • Sequential call forwarding: Missing out on any call may cause serious damage to the revenue as well as the reputation of a company. After activating the India call forwarding service, a call from India will be subsequently forwarded to different numbers, so that the virtual call center executives from different locations can pick them up.
  • Advanced features: Auto-call receiving, auto call recording, call forwarding, and other advanced features deliver highly customized services to the companies.

Companies can benefit a lot from the India call forwarding service. If you are keen on growing your business presence in India, simply set up India call forwarding. All you need to do is to subscribe to the service and pay a nominal monthly fee. Doing so will provide your business with the desired tools to penetrate the Indian market. Contact us for further details on India call forwarding and how it can help your business get the foothold it deserves.

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