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The Philippines is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia which consists of about 7,641 islands with a population of approximately 100 million. The Philippines, which was earlier dominated by agricultural practices, has now evolved to become a much-diversified economy with its service sector and rapid industrialization emerging as the major contributors to its economy. The economy now is the 36th largest in the world with an estimated Gross Domestic Product (nominal) of $311.687 billion. As a result of its accelerated infrastructural development, consumer spending, and lifestyle of the people in recent years, the Philippines have become a major foreign investment hub.

Thinking of Expanding or Establishing Your Business in the Philippines?

A call forwarding service from the Philippines can get you started on the path of establishing or expanding your business in the Philippines. Philippines call forwarding plays a vital role in attracting potential customers, and providing a quality contact base with regular customers while you remain physically absent. This means that you will stay connected to clients and local customers 24/7, regardless of where you are across the globe; properly ensuring that business continues even without having an office in the Philippines.

A Philippines call forwarding service is a simple, affordable, and effective communication channel that does not require purchasing expensive hardware to install. Service providers like Global Call Forwarding offer international call forwarding from the Philippines to any destination in the world and you will be able to receive incoming calls on your mobile phone or multiple telephone numbers via the online call forwarding management portal.

How Does International Call Forwarding Work?

It is simple! If your business is physically located in the United States but you have potential customers in the Philippines, get a virtual phone number in the Philippines and forward calls internationally with a service provider like Global Call Forwarding, and you can start using it in a matter of seconds!

All incoming calls from the Philippines get connected to the service provider’s network which automatically routes the call to your mobile number, landline number, or VoIP via your local telephone carrier in the United States, or wherever you are globally located.

Importance of Philippines virtual call forwarding to your business:

  1. Availability  – One major benefit of Philippines call forwarding is that it makes key personnel always available to speak directly to customers, provide key information and answer those important questions. Philippines call forwarding comes with much flexibility; you can have phone calls forwarded to your mobile number or employee’s mobile phone, office phone line, or multiple numbers to connect with your customers.
  2. Mobility – You absolutely do not need to worry about missing important business calls when you travel or step out of the office because Philippines call forwarding can port incoming calls to you and to any chosen employee’s cell phone at any time. With advanced features like simultaneous and sequential forwarding, Philippines call forwarding greatly enhance mobility without reducing communication, averting the risk of missing important calls.

Philippines call forwarding includes numerous advanced features:

Simultaneous ringing- This feature allow you to forward incoming calls from your customers in the Philippines to one or multiple phone numbers in another country. All registered phone numbers will ring at the same time and whoever picks the phone first will get connected to the client or customer. It ensures your business availability to customers at any time.

Sequential ringing- When you want incoming calls from the Philippines to be routed through a list of numbers in one or more countries, sequential ringing is ideal. If enabled, you can enter a set of specific numbers via the online call management portal and be rest assured that those important calls are never missed.

Local ringback tone- A ringback tone is a beep sound uniquely designed for each country and is usually heard when dialing a local number. When this feature is enabled, it allows customers to perceive your local presence because of the traditional ringback tone they hear while you keep operating globally. Global Call Forwarding remains among the front runner that offers this Philippines call forwarding feature with the local ringback tone intact.

Call Recording- This feature enables you to automatically record and save inbound calls. Numerous incoming calls to your local number will be recorded and saved for you to download at your convenience. Global Call Forwarding offers call recording free for 30 days.

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