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saudi arabia numbersSaudi Arabia is the fifth-largest state in Asia and has been characterized as a World Bank high-income economy but it does have serious infrastructure problems and its economic fundamentals are flawed. This Arab state has strict laws and rules in place when you want to establish your business here. After you become knowledgeable about Saudi Arabia laws, it is also important to learn about this country’s customs and traditions.

How do you expect your business to prosper if you do not understand your consumer base? Your business is bound to be successful when you have a strong customer base in Saudi Arabia. The consumers will keep using your products or services, only when you put their needs ahead of anything else. And that is exactly what Global Call Forwarding’s Saudi Arabia DID numbers help you achieve.

These numbers help save the time of your customers because they can directly get in touch with the department or the executive that they are looking for.

The Economy of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia enjoys monarchial autocracy, which means that the government is directly controlled by the monarchs. The major contributor to the economy of this country is the petroleum industry. The oil industry is responsible for approximately 90 percent of the earnings from export and 75 percent of the budget revenues.

The problem with Saudi Arabia is that one barrel of oil must be $110 to match its expenditures. This is not feasible for many reasons. A barrel of oil now is around $50 or less so Saudi Arabia is in some serious economic pain and has been for years.

Because of its dependence on the petroleum industry, the economy of Saudi Arabia faced a budget deficit of $100 billion in 2015. What’s more, this country suffered a further deficit of $87 billion in 2016 as already somewhat indicated why. However, not all is lost – the new leaders of Saudi Arabia are trying their best to diversify its economy.

The plan is called ‘Vision 2030’ and it promises to transform the economy of this country by encouraging the private sector growth. Not only will this increase the contribution of the private sector to the GDP, but it will also work to decrease the unemployment rates in Saudi Arabia. Truth be told, the diversification of the economy is possibly the best course of action that this country could have taken. But can the different tribes in this country make it work? Time will tell.

The economy of Saudi Arabia is sure to improve and stabilize soon, so this is the perfect time to think about launching your business here. You can take advantage of the recovering economy to establish yourself in this country.

What are Saudi Arabia DID numbers?

In essence, Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers are virtual numbers that route the calls of your customers to the already existing telephone lines of your business. Just one DID number has the power to process thousands of calls and route them to appropriate extensions simultaneously.

No matter where you are based in the world, DID numbers ensure that your customers can reach you whenever they want. When you use Saudi Arabia DID numbers for your business, you will be able to route certain numbers to a specific individual. For example, if you link one DID number to the customer service department, the consumer will be able to speak to the customer service representative directly instead of being passed through different extensions.

When you take get Saudi Arabia virtual phone numbers, the consumer calls are bound to go through faster because there is no switchboard operator involved in the entire process. This, in turn, will see to it that more and more customers are satisfied with your services.

What Are the Advantages of Using Saudi Arabia DID Numbers?

Saudi Arabia DID numbers are truly cost-effective for your company because not only do they not need any physical phone lines, but they also do not need any switchboard operators. Apart from it being lucrative for your business, there are several other advantages when you use Saudi Arabia DID numbers. Some of them are:

  • Build a Consumer Base in Saudi Arabia –Irrespective of where your business is based in the world, Saudi Arabia DID numbers see to it that your consumers can always contact you. You can even use DID local numbers, which gives you consumer base the impression that you are based in Saudi Arabia itself. When given a choice, the customers will always prefer a local phone number over the long-distance calls and toll free numbers.
  • Keep a Track of Your Marketing  – Saudi Arabia DID numbers can also come in very handy when it comes to checking which marketing strategy yields best results. You can do this by allocating DID numbers to every marketing campaign – the strategy that gets the highest number of calls is the successful one.
  • Enhance the Customer Experience – Exceptional customer service is a must when you want your business to succeed in any country, including Saudi Arabia. This becomes even more important when you are not even based in the country. With Saudi Arabia DID numbers, you can route the calls to a particular individual or a department. As DID numbers offer direct line to the customer services or the support services, customers will feel a whole lot more valued.
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