With forwarding numbers, you no longer have to worry about where your business is physically located for a customer to reach you. You can get forwarding numbers in your target markets and forward calls to landline, mobile phones and VoIP.

It has proven to be an extremely effective yet affordable marketing tool. Global Call Forwarding offers this forwarding numbers service to enable companies to become more reachable over the phone.

The service can be managed through an online control panel and you can get as many numbers as you would like as your business grows. Global Call Forwarding offers forwarding numbers in over 140 countries and thousands of cities worldwide. We enable companies to forward, answer and manage business related calls in a professionally efficient mans.

Global Call Forwarding automatically routes incoming calls from forwarding numbers to any destination chosen by the subscriber. We offer secure access to account details, call detail records, settings and preferences.

Customers can get forwarding numbers by simply following few steps:

  • Identify target markets
  • Choose forwarding numbers for your business
  • Check out
  • Start receiving calls
  • Configure account settings like the destination number you wish to receive calls and advanced features


Benefits of Forwarding Numbers for Business

Forwarding numbers can be activated within minutes and easily managed online. The primary benefit of forwarding numbers for business is more incoming calls to your business. It is a cost-effective way to receive more calls and increase sales.

Forwarding numbers are an easy and affordable way for businesses to establish their virtual presences in foreign markets, without requiring a substantial investment in hardware or real estate.

Services like call forwarding come in handy when a representative is not available to answer a call; the call can be automatically diverted to other phone numbers where the customer’s concerns will be met right away. Customers do not need to leave any messages, but rather will follow instructions to resolve their concerns with the appropriate department in one call.

There will be less holding time and therefore your customers will not be subjected to those annoying hold tones. Also, the ‘holding’ period can be customized to advertise new or trending products, services, or promotional offers while the customer waits patiently.

In addition, forwarding numbers allow prompt client recognition on the basis of caller ID information, data range, and so forth. This enables you to choose either to answer a call from a client or to quickly route it down to another person or department.  Calls can also be routed anywhere, including virtual call centers, marketing agents or an automated phone system, making it easier for tracking incoming calls to your business.

Lastly, you can advance your business with forwarding numbers. It helps you maintain a professional local image regardless of your location. It also gives your business credibility by ensuring that potential and regular customers never feel they are just calling a foreign enterprise, but rather a large multinational company.

Forwarding Numbers with Free Advanced Features

Global Call Forwarding provides a suite of free advanced features with every forwarding numbers. Here are just a few forwarding features we provide.

Professional greeting– Use an automated greeting or upload a professionally recorded greeting to give your customers a delightful welcome. This customized greeting for callers establishes a personal connection with your customers which gives your business an edge over competitors using the normal ringtone.

Simultaneous ringing- This is an advance feature which enables numerous phones to ring at the same time until a person picks the phone. This ensures you do not miss out on any business call that could result in a potential sale. With this feature, you can always take a walk out of the office for a cup of coffee or lunch and still be readily available for customers or clients to reach you.

Sequential ringing– This feature allows automatic routing of calls down a list of predetermined phone numbers in a sequential order. The initially arranged list can be numbers selected from various branches of a particular company location anywhere in the world.

For instance, a customer in the United States could be reaching a call center in India to inquire or resolve an issue with a product or service bought in the United States.

Voicemail– You do not have to miss a call even if there happens to be a possibility of all phone lines being busy due to high call volumes. There is a voicemail feature which delivers voice messages instantly to your email.

Call recording- This automatically records outbound calls. When activated, all calls made to your list of selected numbers will be recorded and saved for you to revisit anytime.